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soft-drink id 21822 Artificial sweeteners tied to obesity, Type 2 diabetes

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lousy label id 20605 Video : Lousy Label
yasmin-l id 20603 id 20961 Video : Spinning a Pill
 Erica Johnson investigates the oral
contraceptive Yasmin, which has become the top-selling birth control pill in Canada.

elderly couple id 16229 Kill Infection, Prevent Cancer 

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calcium supplement id 20943 id 20954 Video : Calcium Raises Heart Attacks
Text: Article
Newsletter: The Calcium Fraud
coffee cup id 17711 id 20941 id 20956 Video: Coffee for long life
A study of more than 400,000 people found that
drinking 2-3 cups per day of coffee improved life
span by 10-13%.
green apple id 20934 id 20957 id 20963 Fructose Makes you old and wrinkled

A cup of fruit yogurt cotnains 8-10 grams of sugar.
sugar - the bitter truth id 19576 id 20960 Video: Sugar: The Bitter Truth (11:20 min)
Fat from fructose. Diabetes from fructose.
Article: Good Sugar, Bad Sugar - BV
mars-bar id 19578 id 20940 id 20959 id 20964 Video: Sugar's Bitter Truth - highlights
2:39 minutes - Al Jazeera
Sugar is addictive and dangerous.
Restrictions should be similar to cigarettes.


Good Chips, Bad Chips - May2011

Radiation, Cancer and
Iodine - Mar 2011

Gold ,Germs and Vitamins - Mar 2011

The Calcium Fraud - Feb 2011

Canada to Export GMO Crops - Feb 2011

The Food Supply - Bill C-474‏ - Feb 2011

Vitamin K - Feb 2011

Calcium - Sep 2010

Skin - Aug 2010

Coffee - Aug 2010

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