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Toxic Banana Plantations in Mexico:
Soil and water pollution in a banana production region in tropical Mexico.

Toxic Banana Plantations in Costa Rica:
Eating and touching Bananas associated with Cancer

Long document on Toxic Banana Plantations in Costa Rica:
Paraquat Exposure of Knapsack Spray Operators on Banana Plantations in Costa Rica

Thyroid nodule goiters due to toxins from Banana Plantations in Philippines:
Thyroid Gland Disorders among Banana Plantation Workers in the Philippines 

Now, Banana Plantations are being promoted to Indian farmers:
Hardy bananas proving boon for Indian farmers

The promotion of bananas for potassium is misleading as many other foods have more:
Potassium content in selected foods with bananas in the middle range

From severe health problems and infertility a film was made about toxic bananas:
Film trailer: Movie - Bananas!*
Comments on film: Bananas!* Film Review
Most banana plantations under Dole control:
Dole Claims Bananas! Film Documents Fraud
Information about Dole: 
Dole Food Company, Inc.
The US Government protects Dole:
Court order prohibits BANANAS!* movie release, 
producer declares bankrupsy.


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