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Topic: Acne that will not go away as an adult.

A quick jump through some biology. Ask for any part to be expanded on, I often type too much.
bacteria have no hormones in their cell walls. Fungi, which includes yeast and mold do contain the very waxy type of hormones. 
All hormones are made from an oil that we call sterols and all of these are made from cholesterol. The chole of chole-sterol is from the word of digestion. We digest good sterols as the good cholesterol called HDL cholesterol. The un-digested and bad sterols are what we call LDL cholesterol. These bad LDL cholesterols are fungi with a very waxy and oily coating.
In the skin the waxy sterols are very hard to penetrate by most things and this includes the immune system to they become chronic. One of the very few antibiotics that can penetrate the waxy bad cholesterol are the tetracycline family of antibiotics. There are three well used ones; the original-tetracycline, the next developed-doxycyline and the latest-minocycline. This newer and enhanced antibiotic, minocycline, has a unique property of being both anti-bacterial and also anti-fungal. Some people notice that minocycline was one of the few anti-biotics that really worked but didn't totally fix the problem. 
Nystatin drugs have real trouble penetrating into the waxy coating of fungi. The only one that really works is fluconazole. Again, many people notice that acne was not totally fixed with fluconazole. There might be better ways to fix acne problems. 
Here is the down side. Fungi can live 4 times longer than a human. This means that they can grow slow, die slow and easily outlive us. The bottom line is that they can be darn hard to get rid of.
The favorite food of fungi are two types, one is the sugar high in fruit. We see this by a banana or apple turning a dark color from air exposure because fungi live in the air and can grow very fast. This causes the dark color of fruit and in the body fruit sugars persist for only around four to five days. So eating a piece of fruit such as watermelon can make us sick for less than one week.
The other favorite food of fungi are the grains. We eat fungi as the brown color contaminate of brown rice, brown bread, brown oats / oatmeal, brown rye bread, brown rye whiskey, brown hops, brown beer and a bit less of the brown with barley. The foods, the gluten grains and the outer husk of non-gluten grains such as brown rice are highly contaminated with fungi that grow anywhere in our body. Then if there are any established fungi they feed furiously on the grain.
Then the kicker. Gluten circulates in our blood as a sticky glutenous molecule. The word gluten comes from glue-sticky and protein-ten for glu-ten. This sticky molecule sticks to red blood cells and persists for 3 to 4 months after each meal. This is where we can get into real trouble with things like arthritis, bloating, gas, indigestion, eye sight troubles, hearing troubles, brain fog, low energy, constipation from gluten sticking our bowels tight, or the fruit to cause less sticky but more gas to blow things out as diarrhea to end up as IBS, Irritable Bowel syndrome where be bounce back and forth between constipation after grains and diarrhea after fruit.
With the constant level of fungi increasing with each year that we age the troubles become exasperating, confusing and extensive. Some things that simulate fungi to grow faster are sexual hormones as testosterone stimulates hair follicle growth and estrogen stimulates breast soft tissue growth, boys have the major acne problem with the hair follicle growth on their faces more than girls.
Women have more fungal issues with the steroid hormones of the menstrual cycle as the fungi use the same oily / waxy hormones made from cholesterol.
We eat bad cholesterol from vegetable sources such as cooking oils from canola, corn and soy but even the nut and seed oils promote the bad cholesterol. Whereas, the good oils are animal based such as butter, ghee, lard, chicken fat and beef fat. These give us the good HDL cholesterol while the vegetable oils give us the bad LDL cholesterol.
One thing that is good for all of these oils to be cleaned is vinegar. You might try wiping your face each night with a dry face cloth wet with plain white vinegar. But, wiping is much better than scrubbing as the skin has a unique natural organic surface oil made from a base of taurine. A human thumb print has more taurine than any large bowel of any vegetable or fruit. This is why the use of soap and other cleaners can make the skin less healthy. Many hair salonists are very good at encouraging people to massage the good scalp oils into the hair. This helps to reduce the fungi and bacteria that grow on the hair shaft. Over shampooing removes this natural taurine based oil. 
And a big issue is glutamates. People who have hair falling out often use the more expensive shampoos that are laced with a glutamate. One is called sodium-lauryl-glutamate or any that include the word glutamate such as potassium-glutamate. These glutamates are the base of MSG and cause the membranes of the body to degenerate. This is what happens when the teeth become loose and fall out from party drugs. Most of the party drugs that keep us awake all night are based on glutamates as a stimulant. Many stimulants such as MSG also stimulate the taste buds and we find this in the cooking oil used at McDonald's and the highest user of glutamates is KFC. So, if you eat from some of these tasty food restaurants you will find more skin problems. 
This can become scary and many people say that they cannot eat anymore.
Here is a simple guide. Only eat food that is cooked freshly, left overs are okay. A food that is warmed up such as instant noodles (pre-cooked) is processed with glutamates. This includes quick oats or any quick food, fast food is fast food and served by 5 star hotel restaurants, they serve fast food on demand.
For home go with a crock pot or slow cooker, better flavor and not fast food. Hard when we spend so much of out time working and there is no one left at home in the kitchen. 
Blenders have cracks, joints and gaskets, these are all full of bacteria and fungi, use an egg beater to mix food, blenders are always bad for health from contaminants such as fungi. Best is to use our teeth for eating, not a machine as this is a form of processing.
Cooking with oil might speed up the cooking time but we use the bad oils that just make us fat and have zits. Go with water to cook food, boiled, steamed or roasted in the oven plain, without oil, you can use butter, ghee or lard for better health. 
Starch is a sugar that fungi cannot easily feed on. This is why rice and potatoes can be stored easily without mold growing on them. Because of this rice and potatoes are less expensive to buy. Saving money is better for health.
Cereals are not part of a healthy diet.
Then there is the dairy. Excepting butter, any dairy product will increase zits due to the growth stimulant property of dairy. A cow's milk is to turn a 100 pound calf into a 1000 pound adult in a few months. This growth stimulation is why zits grow after milk and ice cream. Today all cows are being fed soy which is a glutamate product so that the milk is more like soya milk. 
Avoid all soy products absolutely and without exception. 
Let us look at your diet. List the regular foods that you eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks to me and we can work to eliminate a few and increase some other ones that you like with ideas to increase some you have not been eating but like.
A killer in the diet are the sports bars for snacks and yogurt.
The highest sugar content item we can eat is honey. Remove all honey from your home asap.
------- the skin itself.
The largest organ in our body is the skin. It processes hormones that same way that the liver does and can produce testosterone in women and estrogen in men. The skin is very functional in all hormones.
When we overexpose to the sun's UV rays there are three molecules that are depleted to make the skin less healthy; 1. glutathione, 2. urea, 3. vitamin C.
There are sisters to vitamin C and together they are called the carboxylic acids. Some common carboxylic acids are, 1. lactic acid (exercise), 2. ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and 3. acetic acid (vinegar). These are somewhat interchangable in the body. 
You might look in your health or pharmacy stores for a product called Lactacyd. This is a skin cleaner made from lactic acid. Works well. The skin is healthy without zits at pH 5.5 or more acidic. When the skin is alkaline at around pH of 8.0 it is full of zits and will not heal. Lactacyd is available in a pink package for internal vaginal douching as a less strong fromula. The one in a package that has some blue on it and says "skin cleanser" has a pH of around 3.5 to really work.
Lactic acid is why exercise is healthy.
Urea can be found in all farm feeds and agriculture fertilizers. It causes the plant or animal to grow while inhibiting bacteria and fungi. The human amnyotic fluid is nearly pure diluted urea. Urea is one of the components in urine where the urine is like a soup or stew and the urea is only one of the components. Urea is never toxic in normal amounts.
We can mail you 1/3 of a kilo of urea for around $20 US. Our lowest postal rates are from Hong Kong and it would take a full two weeks to arrive with low shipping cost. We suggest 1/4 teaspoon in a bottle of water daily to sip on. As a skin lotion you could make it stronger at one teaspoon in a few ounces of water. This works like a face lotion and some just apply it once per day before bed. Works well for sun burns as well.
Glutathione is a more expensive supplement but you would only need two capsules per day each morning. A three month bottle is around $100 US. Glutathione is high in asparagus. Low levels are in people who have a lot of general aches and pains such as regular headaches, tooth aches, chronic viruses and liver problems. Glutathione is concentrated in the brain, heart, liver and skin.
Taurine is low in people who loose skin tone. This can be seen in older people where the forearm skin starts to sag and the muscles are less firm looking. Most taurine is found in the fluids of the body and the outer moisture of the skin. Low levels are seen in people who have anxiety, difficulty with sleep, eye sight, digestive problems and skin disorders that includes wrinkles and saggy skin.
A hormone made in the skin is from melanocytes and named melatonin. This is the nice skin color of youth and lost when we become pale and sickly looking. Melatonin is low when we cannot get a full nights sleep and wake up too early or feeling tired all day. Another symptom is stiff body / muscles with cracky and stiff joints.
Summary of supplements to an improved diet:
1. gluathione, when you wake up
2. If you want a multi vitamin I will suggest one for you in another email, 
3. sip on some water with urea if you have any health issues more deep than the skin
4. before bed routine, wash with lactacyd if you find this product, wipe with vinegar, apply urea lotion
5. before bed supplements, taurine plus melatonin.
Note: each person is different but I find that a three month trial is often enough to fix many of the more minor troubles. This three month concept might be enough for you in this case, but no guarantees, diet is a key factor. Being a diabetic or having high blood pressure do affect the healting ability and time to fix.
So, how is this, does it make sense and let me know your regular foods along with any questions.

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