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Topic: Breakfast Ideas


Ideas for Healthy Breakfast:

  • Eggs (poached, scamble, hard boiled, steam-basted, deviled)jook id 21020

    With Salmon (cooked) / red snapper / asparagus / tomatoes(cooked) / corn / Sausage (avoid wheat filled sausage) / Cauliflower / Sardines
    - "Ha Yan Chow Daan" Scrambled eggs with shrimp and green onion 
    - Omelet with cheese
    - Pickled egg
    - "Foo Young Daan", Chinese omelet
    - Eggs souffle with melted cocoa, butter and maple syrupquinoa dosa id 21021
  • Salmon (canned, cooked)
    - Omelet with salmon
    - cream cheese, canned salmon with a slice of onion on rice cracker
  • Potatoes (boiled, greek)
  • - potato salad made the night before, can be eaten cold or slightly warmed- half a can of peeled tomatoes mixed with eggs
    - potatoes with butter, salt and black pepper laksa id 21023
  • Congee / Rice porridge Thai and Chinese called: "Jook"
    - can included chicken "Gai jook" / fish / beef / vegetable,  with put fresh cariander, green onion on top  
  • Rice noodles 
    - Chinese - mee fun, hor fun, mee sin, - "Daan mee fun", eggs with soup, very common for Chinese fast breakfast, request no soy sauce 
    -Vietnam - Banh cuon, Banh hoi, Bun bo Hue, Bun riue, Mi Quang, Pho
    - Malaysia - Asam LaksaThai - Mee Krob, pad 
    -Thai - Pad see ew
  • lor bak go id 21025
  • Stir fried rice
    - with onion, egg, shrimp 
    - "Nasi Goreng" Indonisia fried rice 
  • Corn fritter or corn pancake
  • Steamed rice cake
    - "lor baak ko" Steam radish rice cake, Chinese style, request no soy sauce, and not fry
  • Dosa (a rice pancake from South India)
  • French Toast made with non-gluten bread
  • Beef Stick / Wedge 
    - with potatoes, vegetables
  • Peanuts or almonds
    - a trail mix of nuts with very few raisins (fructose but balanced with other foods)
    - Peanut butter with celery stick 
  • Cheese 
    - plate of cheese, olives and pickles, could be made up the night before
  • egg plant sauteed with cheese and tomato sauce, can also be done in a lasagna style
  • Chocolate mousse, here is a good recipe, healthy and could be a fast breakfast
  • celery sticks with peanut butter
  • Buckwheat waffles or pancakes, buckwheat contain no gluten, butter and eggs
  • Fish or salmon balls made in advance, can be breaded and toasted lightly in a skillet.
  • Dark coffee with vanila ice-cream
On the run
  •  McDonald's egg McMuffin with french fries, healthier than banana and yogurt carrot cake

The most important food of the day is not just breakfast but the first thing we put in our body after the long fast of the night. Breakfast is the term to break the fast and our blood needs nutrient replenishment.

In most cultures and history there are eggs found in most breakfasts.

Warning: Consumption of undercooked meat, poultry, eggs or seafood may increase the risk for foodborne illnesses. 

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