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Comparative efficacy: Antibiotics in Biofilms

  • Bacteria develop a biofilm for survival in all environments
  • Colonies of bacteria take at least 48 hours to establish biofilms
  • Most antibiotics cannot penetrate biofilms
  • Lab testing must be done before colonies develop biofilm
  • some antibiotics work by inhibiting biofilm, e.g. azithromycin
  • Ciprofloxacin is very active against Ps, cannot penetrate biofilm
  • old floxacins; less active on Gram+ (staph, strep)
  • new floxacins, easy development of resistant Gram+
  • Ps are found below the water line in all N.American toilets tested
  • Ps can live in pure bleach, betadyne, once biofilm establishes
  • Biofilms make most antibiotic therapies ineffective
  • Biofilm related: auto-immune diseases, chronic diseases
  • Combinations of antibiotics work better than mono-therapy
  • Biofilms allow distant communications, like a nervous system between colonies, potassium appears to be Transient Receptor Potential (TRP)

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