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Topic: A Biological short story

Long biology story in short version (yet it is fairly long): 
The liver attempts to expel fungi / yeast / mold from the gut with gall bladder functions around eating. The gall bladder has two basic digestive enzymes for this: one based on taurine and the other on glycine. The taurine side puts the bugs to sleep for the two hours it takes for food to quickly pass through the small intestine. It is small in diameter to keep the food moving quickly. Then first after the small intestine at the lower right corner of the belly the appendix releases a vast amount of varied antigens. These are markers that attach to various smaller bacteria and label them for the immune system to kill. Then the ascending colon goes up the right side to meet the liver and cross right to left as the transverse colon where the liver empties all the garbage of the blood cleaning through the bile ducts into the route for removal from the body. This transverse colon with bile ducts is where the fungi re-enter the liver after they have had a good meal. A fungi is technically an animal and loves the same food that we tend to eat but especially like sugar and grains. This cyclic movement of fungi can give us gas the same way that fungi - yeast adds bubbles to beer and bread; they really do love grains in beer and bread and give off carbon dioxide gas. The descending colon is the last storage place so that we can eliminate in batches instead of a constant out flow of feces. In this fairly well cleansed area we cultivate additional bacteria, friendly acidophilus, to produce molecules for the immune system and one includes tryptophan that can be converted into serotonin for daytime good mood, and melatonin for good night sleep. Fungi really crave tryptophan and can eat it faster than we can absorb it to give us low mood quality or actual depression.
Sleep is of two large segments; the first three hours contain the rapid growth and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This is when fungi grow the fastest and can regenerate complete generations in a few hours, and cause the witching hour (s) of craziness or lunacy that is highest during a full moon. The new moon adds to the suns gravity and we have the largest tides. During a full moon the gravity is subtracted from the sun and blocked by the earth so that we have the most lunacy and the highest rates of occupancy in the psychiatric wards of hospitals. The moon's cycle is 28 days which is also the cycle time of a woman's menstrual cycle. Just to relate how much the moon's gravity affects our lives. 
During the day our immune system is run by nerves and electrons. During the night our immune system is run by hormones. The first hormone begins it's process, all hormones run in a sequential process similar to a coo-coo clock, for a release of thyroid hormones at around 11 PM. These include the eight hour lasting T3 to stimulate the heart to keep it running without nervous stimulation, and a shot of lithium to knock out the fore brain and thought. Then with the brain knocked out and the heart stimulated the body releases growth hormone at around 12 PM for rapid growth, rapid eye movement and rapid repair of tissues and muscles, this first part of sleep is when a kid has leg or growing pains. The body also has a Trojan horse to counter fungi. The receptor to growth hormone is a double ring from the amino acid tyrosine that is implanted along the cell membrane of our cells. Fungi produce enzymes to also attract this molecule into their cell walls for an easy ride on the stimulation of growth. But, the body also has the thyroid hormone called thyroxine or T4 where the double ringed tyrosine contains four iodine molecules. The unsuspecting fungi enzymatically attracts the growth hormone receptor and vola, it is killed with overdose of iodine.
Then the rapid phase ends at around 3 AM and the growth ends along with the witching hour (s). The second or mid phase of sleep is the steroidal phase where sex hormones begin to dominate. This often is when we wake up and the start of the night or nocturnal erections happens. The second release of sex hormones also happens at the twelve hour opposite so that at around 3-4 PM we have the happy hour syndrome where we become less interested in work and more interested in sex. Often we just leave work and go for the vodka tonic and get busy eyes with the body's around us. In the night we often need a trip to the bathroom. 
I am jumping around a bit;
1. first phase could be the thyroid's hour
2. second phase could be the GH's tour of three hours
3. third phase could be the sex phase of an hour
4. the most important, fourth phase, for the immune system is the cortisol two to three hours of early morning sleep.
This cortisol phase is when the body grabs excess calcium out of the protective membranes of fungi and bacteria that grew in the night. Some of these calcium shields are seen with gall stones and kidney stones or the calcifications found in cancer tumors. During this time we have the greatest number of heart attacks and strokes with high calcium, or we have an increase in muscle cramps with the lowered levels of calcium by cortisol. In medicine cortisol is injected into joints to displace the pain caused by calcium in a soft joint, or we take prednisone to increase the kidneys production of cortisol to reduce all diseases that are related to high calcium. 
As we age the calcium becomes a greater problem as seen when older people wake up at 4 AM and cannot get back to sleep.
The key supplements to improve the calcium movement back to the bones from the soft tissues is in eel and salmon oil.
This calcium movement hormone is called calcitonin, produced by the thyroid and released mostly at the time that we eat food, chew it to shake the thyroid up and down with every swallow and mixed with food.
The other supplement to improve the cortisol phase is melatonin. It comes from tryptophan that is from dark fowl meat and produced by friendly bacteria of the bowel to be converted by niacin into both serotonin and melatonin. The dark pigment of the dark meat is also related to the melanocytes of our skin that darken when exposed to sun light as seen with a sun tan. This pigment is also related to immune function to give us improved health in summer / sunny months and the sex hormone's peak just after this in September to give an increase in reproduction rates and babies born nine months later in the beginning of the next summer and warm months. 
The total of all of this is that high levels of fungi harm our immune system by inhibiting a full sequence of hormones through the night. The fungi feed on grains and sugars so that the diet can trigger all of this, or a disrupted sleep can cause problems and seen with sleep deprivation relating to psychosis, and/or an increase in age with an accumulation of fungi and degradation of both immune function, kidney function and liver or bowel function. Stress is a factor but again, it is only part of the picture and is highly variable between any two individuals. Western Medicine attempts to make everyone fit the same mold and this is where things fail dismally with confusion and misinformation.
We are conceived and in the first four weeks are called an embryo (embryonic contains my name, bryon, hehe). During this short time all tissues are differentiated and then we are called a fetus and continue to grow until puberty when growth stops and we are full sized.
The embryo produces from simple cells the embryonic fluid that breaks before birth. As the embryo transforms into the fetus the kidneys are the cells that take over the production of the fluid because it contains mostly urea. 
This urea is the basis of protection growth phases from bacteria and fungi stealing all the growth hormone receptors built from the double ring from the amino acid tyrosine. Instead of the thyroid producing the thyroid hormones it is busy by starting life just under the tongue and keeping the calcium away from the soft tissues around the teeth stem cells and the bottom of the jaw from forming solid calcium and the jaw joint from fusing. Then it moves down the underside of the tongue to lodge just below the vocal cords to keep the trachea and epiglottis flap from calcifying so that we can close the lungs while we drink water. In the lower permanent location the thyroid touches to the thymus gland that travels down the trachea to keep the rib cage from developing hyper calcification's and arthritis which would inhibit breathing. Notice that we do not get rib arthritis when there is more movement than joints considering that we breath all day and all night without the ribs getting stiff and sore the way other joints do.
Urea is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-tumor, and anti-parasitical. It is used to treat tumors and avoids surgery. Radio-therapy with radiation kills our body and tumors grow more easily. It is a bizarre thought that we would even consider radiation to treat cancer when radiation will always cause cancer tumors to grow. Urea is so effective, yet amniotic fluid, that Western Medicine in the USA calls it chemo-therapy and bans the use and sale of it in most products. Some countries allow urea in products that range from fertilizer, animal feed and for humans shampoo and skin products.
In industry it is used to condition leather products (animal skin) for long life and flexibility. In humans it reduces wrinkles and this is included in the arterial wrinkles that are associated with cardio-vascular diseases, but banned for this purpose, while it is naturally used to grow the very important embryo for the beginning of new life. 
Urea of human skin is lowered by a sun burn. With the low levels of urea the skin become hard and brittle. Applying urea softens the skin back to a more youthful texture.
Urea is a natural product that improves emotional and physical health but due to compromising corporate profits it is banned by the legal system.
A legal-truth is often a pharmacological-truth; but not a biological-truth.
------- truncated.
- without prejudice -
by Bryon Verhaeghe

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