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Topic: Fish Oils


Not all fish oil is the same!

Salmon oil is by far the best fish oil to take. It is different from all of the other fish oils in that it has the thyroid hormone that blocks calcium from absorption and keeps it in the bones, called calcitonin.

  • Salmon oil will help against depression. 
  • Salmon-calcitonin is much more active than human-thyroid-calcitonin.  It works for around three hours after ingestion, this is why salmon with our meals works so well.
  • Cod liver oil has high levels of vitamin D, which we should avoid.
  • Read about calcitonin on wiki

    Good oil, Bad oil: Bryon Verhaeghe

This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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