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Topic: Calcium, what the pharmaceuticals and government do not want you to know.


For many years I have noticed how calcium plays a role is sicknesses and disease.  During this time I began to caution people on taking calcium supplements.  By paying attention to their concerns it soon became appanent that calcium had been making them worse.  Now there are studies reporting that calcium is linked to many health problems.  
<Calcium Causes Heart Attacks>
People who take calcium supplements have a 30% increase in risk of heart attack. 
A large part of the thyroids function is to protect the brain and nerves from too much calcium by producing a hormone called calcitonin.  With a constant over injesting of calcium the brain calcifies and lesions form.  These lesions are realted to memory loss, dementia and tumors.  If the calcium deposits into soft tissues a condition develops called "Calcium Deposit Disease".  The very respected medical text book used in better universities is well known; Harrison's: The Principals of Internal Medicine 14th Edition. McGraw-Hill.  In this text book they describe how calcium causes joint swelling and deformities that may require joint replacement.


This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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