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Topic: Wheat, Bowel Failure and Cancer

Stopping wheat and all grains is very important to our health. To do this it can be a real problem and one way to understand wheat is that it is as addictive as cigarettes or alcohol but in more of a physical way than psycological, as is heroin. I have had clients stop wheat and in the second week phone me at ten at night saying that they are almost trembling and can only think about eating wheat with their head in the fridge staring at lots of other types of food.
One client went to potato chips and ate herself silly with them to avoid wheat. Once she got over the craving the weight was the next step as she put on a few kilos with chips. The weight came off fast and she is now wheat free.
I had one family stop completely but to eat wheat only on Saturdays but this did not work for them.
My suggestion is to go with one week on and then one week off wheat but without cheating. It takes about three to four cycles of this and then people notice how sick wheat makes them feel. It is like smoking cigarettes every hour and not realizing how bad they make us feel. Once off for a while the noticeable things include loss of bloating and gas, clear thinking, better memory, less stiff joints, easier to breath and improved sleep. 
Lately I have been describing wheat as eating cookies. Smashed up cookies in a bowel with milk is also known as cereal. A sandwich is a very large cookie. Pizza is an open faced cookie. Spaghetti is strings of cookies. And, how many cookies do you want to eat in a day and attempt to loose weight? Cookies are made from wheat and sugar. Bread is made from wheat and sugar. Muffins are wheat and sugar. Sugar is never a healthy food. 
Wheat: a moment on the lips and forever on the hips. 
Compare the body size of an Italian versus the Chinese. Wheat makes us fat and there is no way around this. A typical argument to stay on wheat is that not all wheat eaters are obese. The long life of the Japanese is in part from a low wheat diet.
The worst is brown colored grains. Brown bread, brown oatmeal, brown rye bread, brown beer, brown rye whiskey, brown rice. The brown color is fungal contamination from the field. This fungal contamination is what causes arthritis, high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. When it further develops in one growth we call it a cancer tumor. The word cancer means "crab like" in appearance. You could think of a mushroom growing, mushrooms are fungi, but instead of a cap, stem and roots it grows in all directions to look like a tuber of ginger. This is a solid mass with root hairs growing in many directions, like a crab. The astrological group "cancer" is depicted as a crab.
There is now way to be healthy when a person eats grains.
A grain eating animal such as an elephant, cow, horse and others have very large rectums to pass their feces. A human, like a dog or cat has a small rectum and cannot pass grains like wheat. Eating wheat causes a complete failure of the bowel with constipation as a start. Later on it may develop into a cancer, a crab like fungal growth.
An easy test is to buy the pet food that is grain free for your cat or dog. After a month you might notice that they have less arthritis, stiffness, better energy, trimmer bodies and much more freindly and comfortable in their life.
I don't know how a person can cheat with wheat and be healthy. Eating cookies is not healthy at any time for any person no mater what else is done. Even exercise cannot help the poor bowels suffering from wheat.
You can get a copy of the book called wheat belly. Just tell your clients that a wheat belly is the same as a beer belly. 
Gluten free is no better and so many of my clients have failed with gluten free bread. Even a grain mixture of gluten free flour causes bowel failure. Food without grains is much healthier. Humans do not do well when they eat grains. 
It takes three to four months for the blood to rid itself of gluten. Red blood cells live between 90 to 120 days. The gluten sticks to the red cells and circulates in the blood for 3 to 4 months. One serving of gluten takes months to be cleared from our body and fungi / yeast really live well in grains. We notice how well yeast / fungi live in breads and beers to give them an irresistable taste and smell. We love the smell of a bake shop. The first thing people comment on with getting off cookies is that their eye sight improves unexpectedly.
One the eye sight improves with contrast the gut is back to normal. This can take many months and often a full year depending on the amount of sugar in the diet. So, cookies are when we combine sugar with grains, the worst possible case is eating a cookie but realize that a sandwich is just one giant cookie.
Cheers and Bon Appetit,

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