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Topic : Cancer - Breast & Liver


 A short story and the type I do not like, one person is not credible, but a lot of experience with many people set up the protocol.

A lady in Indonesia had breast cancer four years ago. With chemo and surgery was declared cured. For a year she kept recurred symptoms to herself until her liver swelled and she was bed ridden. Diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer at stage four in the liver and expected to live less than a month. The right lung was completely full and the left over three quarters full with a sticky mucus that was too thick to suck out. She was having trouble breathing and on continual pain medications.

We started steaming salt water in the room. She had cooked vegetables blended that included beets, carrots, cellery, and cabbage. Began drinking coffee and eating cocoa while taking lycopene, glutathione, salmon, MSM and very large doses of acidophilus. The antimicrobials were azithromycin, minocycline, metronidazole, hydroxyurea and fluconazole. After one week the pain stopped, she was breathing better and able to use the toilet. The second week the cancer markers began to come down and her very swollen stomach became flat. She began to sit in the sun, dress herself and with an appetite eat solid food. All cancer markers went to normal and her sister flew in from Australia and as a nurse was so surprised in that she had been to see her a month prior. She went to bed normally at eleven, her lungs filled up and she passed away around midnight from pneumonia.

Western medicine says that cancer is a human cell gone bad.

Alternative medicine says cancer only lives in an acidic environment.

Nothing will change with these theories in mind.

A Western Doctor from Australia proved that H.Pylori bacteria will induce stomach cancer, he did it on himself, cured it, re-caused the cancer and then cured it again, no one heard about his again as he retired rich.

A University put small electordes into a tumer and measured the pH to very alkaline as is calcium.

When something is popular it becomes a fact, admisable in court and un-arguable.

As Albert Einstein once stated, "all great spirits will be violently challenged by mediocre minds". The first person who insisted the earth was round was put to death.

This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon


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