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Loss of Fertility by Soy

Eating soya when pregnant could make your baby boy infertile
Soy and Fertility
Avoiding soya 'may aid fertility'
Health: Soya-based foods may harm male fertility, say scientists
Soya 'link' to male infertility
Soy reduces testosterone and fertility in men.
Gates Foundation and Cargill Pushing Soya in Africa
Developmental exposures of male rats to soy isoflavones impact Leydig cell differentiation.
Soy linked to memory loss.

Loss of Brain Function by Soy

Soy and Brain Damage
Pediasure(R) for children contains soy. The first two ingredients are water and sugar.
Soy - Tofu Shrinks Brain

Old Age and Old Skin from Soy

MSG causes fat which increases inflammation. [soy makes us sick] Soy causes older looking skin.
Soy Foods and Menopause
Soy causes older looking skin.
Soy made Dimple sick, her story.

Death from Soy

Death by soy and apples.
Soy makes us sick.

Bill Gates Buys Shares of Monsanto
Bill Gates Foundation Buys 500,000 Shares of Monsant

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