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Who is Bryon?


A little about the brains behind Rebound Health, Bryon Verhaeghe

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Born and raised in Alberta Canada, I attended the University of Calgary in pre-med sciences.  I worked at Foothills hospital as a laboratory aid collecting blood.  This opportunity allowed me to fully experience the hospital and I decided to not continue medical study.  I married and had two children.  Many years later I experienced health issues with myself and my family that seemed chronic and would not improve.  With a renewed interest in medicine I purchased a small library of text books that I could not afford as a student.  I read them intently and without the deadline of an exam I could re-read them and refer to other articles on the same subject until I fully understood the topic.  In med school there was only time to remember the information long enough to pass the exam.  Sometimes in school I asked questions where the instructor did not even know the answer.  My self study began in 1995 and I crave to explore a topic until I fully understand it.  The body is highly dynamic and inter-relational with regards to absolutely everything else.  This is what some would call holistic medicine, like Traditional Chinese Medicine, unlike Western Medicine where there are specialists that only look at one small aspect of bodily function and ignore all others.

Rebound Health is about the whole body working as a single unit.  Everything can and will affect everything else.  With this in mind I like to learn all aspects of a client's symptoms and history to set out on rebuilding health.  Tracking this has helped to determine which protocols are effective and which are marginal.  The Internet is full of single focus material and is often very opinionated and sometimes only based on a single experience.  The studies I focus on include large numbers of people over long periods to time, which are more reliable.  The results also need to co-relate with consideration of other aspects.  An example of this might be something like green tea helping a condition when in fact, it is not the tea, but the reduction in dehydration that could be also done with water.  Looking at all aspects of green tea and then all aspects of the condition leads me to believe that green tea is really not 'the' health benefit as claimed.

I feel really lucky to be able to access so many studies on health but there are too many to keep in print format so over the years I have resorted to many file servers and even more formats.  My goal is to compile most of these onto this web site.  A few of them are in the binders behind me in the photo.  My goal is also to sort them by topic and present them in a logical order to address specific health concerns.

I constantly am researching and learning from information as it comes available.  Most studies take months to have published in credible journals.  If an author is looking into the subject mater it can take years before it is included into a medical text books.  Then the subject and book have to be promoted into becoming popular enough for teaching professors to include the findings.  The whole process can easily take 15 years if the findings become significant and consistent.  For example a study that finds calcium supplements to increase the risk of a heart attack by 30% will need more studies before it becomes the standard thinking whether or not it is true.  My research finds consistent and conclusive evidence about calcium being harmful to the human body, but a strong believe otherwise, it will take some strong voices and time to resolve the debate.  My long term project will be to put together a series of books.



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