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Coffee Newsletter

Rebound Diet;
Our guide to healthy eating!

Did you know cholesterol
prevents memory loss?

Back Pain Stretch;
Psoas muscle

Who is Bryon?

 In the News:   "4 Ways Coffee Cures"

  • 1 cup/day - less chance of early death from any disease
  • 2 cups/day - reduces heart disease
  • 3 cups/day - decreases risk for dementia and Alzheimer's
  • 4 cups/day - lowers risk of type 2 diabetes  



  • "... increasing amounts of coffee was also
    associated with lower risk of Parkinson
    <full article>

  • "Coffee drinkers ... less likely to be
    hospitalized for heart rhythm disturbances."
    <full article>

  • Coffee: The best health food on the planet!  <full article>

  • "3 to 4 cups of coffee reduces liver cancer by 50%"  <full article>

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