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Newsletter - Radiation, Cancer and Iodine


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Radiation Protection - Iodine

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Nuclear Power Plants
Operating As Of March 1, 2011

104 - USA  [all 33+ years old]
58 - France
55 - Japanradioactive id 16686
32 - Russia

21 - S. Korea
20 - India
19 - UK

18 - Canada
17 - Germany
15 - Ukraine
13 - China
10 - Sweden
8 - Spain
7 - Belgium
6 - Czech Republic
5 - Switzerland
4 - Finland
4 - Hungary
4 - Slovakia
------  truncated at 19 countries.
443 - World Total - 29 countries.

Types of Radiation:

There are many types. Nuclear power plants emit neutron radiation. This is one of the most powerful and dangerous. 

Treatment of Exposure with Iodine:

In high dose the skin must be washed and many things done, see a doctor, treatment includes potassium-iodide. Oral Iodine: Merck Manual - Radiation Exposure.
Serious, urgent exposure:
Adults:           130 mg  potassium-iodide
age 3 to 18 yr   65 mg  potassium-iodide
3-36 months      32 mg  potassium-iodide
< 1 month          16 mg  potassium-iodide
People who live within 16 km of a reactor should have access to potassium-iodide at all times.

Consumer Safety Law permits up to 0.150 mg iodine per tablet/capsule

Lugol's iodine:iodine

Dr. Lugol
(1786-1851) worked on tuberculosis and found that the body needed two types of iodine.  The thyroid uses up to 6-7 mg per day of potasium-iodide while other tissues use slightly less of the iodine-crystal.  These are refered to as iodide and iodine, repectively. His mixture of 6.5 mg iodide and 6.0 mg of iodine became famously known as Lugol's solution in treating thyroid disorders. Lugol's solution contains no alcohol and is not to be confused with "tincture of iodine".

Lugol's solution still used Feb 18, 2011 in Japan.

Fix Your Body capsules reflect Dr.Lugol's formula.   
Potassium Iodide (USP) ............    6.5 mg    [thyroid]
Iodine Crystal (High Purity) .......    6.0 mg     [body]
Brown Rice Powder (filler) ......... 287.5 mg

Two kinds of iodine?
Potassium-iodide protects the thyroid; iodine-crystal protects the body.

Risk Factors for Iodine Deficiency:

Following is a list of potential risk factors that may lead to iodine deficiency.

  1. Selenium deficiency
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Exposure to radiation
  4. Increased intake/plasma levels of goitrogens, such as calcium
  5. Gender (higher occurrence in women)
  6. Smoking tobacco
  7. Alcohol (reduced prevalence in users)
  8. Oral contraceptives (reduced prevalence in users)
  9. Perchlorates
  10. Thiocyanates
  11. Age 36.5% of school age children are deficient, regional stats.

Iodine Deficiency

"According to WHO, in 2007, nearly 2 billion individuals had insufficient iodine intake, a third being of school age. ... Thus iodine deficiency, as the single greatest preventable cause of mental retardation, is an important public-health problem."
Seafood is also a well known source of iodine. Thus, iodine deficiency is more common in mountainous regions of the world where food is grown in soil poor in iodine.

Iodine in our body:
15–20 mg of iodine is concentrated in thyroid tissue and hormones, but 70% of the body's iodine is distributed in other tissues, including mammary glands, eyes, gastric mucosa, the cervix, and salivary glands.

Iodine Deficiency and Cancer:

Breast Cancer
- The primary risk factors for breast cancer are sex, age, lack of childbearing or breastfeeding, higher hormone levels, race, economic status and dietary iodine deficiency.  PMID 14965610

Stomach Cancer
- Some researchers showed a correlation between Iodinedeficiency or excess, iodine-deficient goitre and gastric cancer. PMID 16642482,16335780.

Preventing Stomach Cancer with iodine. PMID 17497074

Consumer Safety in Hong Kong
Codex in Hong Kong.

Schedule 7 of Ordinance Chapter 132W Section 55:
Iodine 150 micrograms [0.150mg]

Dr Lugol's suggestion of 12.5 mg per day would = 83 tablets / day of 150 mcg each.

Consumer Safety in Canada
Codex in Canada.

Suggested dose of iodine:
Life Stage Group Iodine / day. Range
Children       1 - 3 y 90 mcg 6 - 133 mcg
Children       4 - 8 y 90 mcg 6 - 200 mcg
Adolescents  9 - 13 y 120 mcg 6 - 400 mcg
Adults and over 14 y 150 mcg 14- 400 mcg
Pregnancy 220 mcg
Breast Feeding 290 mcg

150 mcg = 0.150 mg

Dr Lugol's suggestion of 12.5 mg per day would = 83 tablets / day of 150 mcg each.

Why are we pretending that The Codex is about Consumer Safety when it appears to be about corporate profits from disease?

Low vitamin K is a major cause of newborn death.  The low vitamin Kcontent in breast milk can be increased with 42 tablets/d of the low dose 120mcg allowed by The Codex.

(IMFWTO) + (UN FAO WHO) = Codex
The Codex: "no herb, vitamin or mineral should be sold for preventive or therapeutic reasons, and that supplements should be reclassified as drugs." Codex Alimentarius
Iodine deficiency remained a serious public health problem in the developing world.

Treating Drinking Water with Iodine:

Up to one fluid ounce (30ml) of Lugol's solution are exempt from restrictions and available over the counter in Mexico and Canada.
Lugol's solution contains no alcohol. Iodine content of 150 mg/mL
To sterilize drinking water of bacteria and parasites add 5 drops (0.25mL) per litre of water (or 10 drops if water is cloudy). 
Mix, let stand at least 30 min for killing bacteria and parasites.
This litre of water will contain 37.5 mg of iodine.

Further reading:

Black Gold, article on iodine

The Mighty Thyroid, the word thyroid means "shield".

Germs.. Meet the Thyroid, the thyroid keeps us healthy and needs iodine to do this.

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