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Everything; Food, water and air pass through the area surrounded by the thyroid. It is our #1 immune system to everything that enters the body naturally. A weak thyroid often relates to breathing, digestive and ellimination disorders along with weight problems.

How does my thyroid become weak?
1. Eating soy, tofu, soy sauce, soy protein
2. Consuming hydrolysed protein.
3. Eating raw food that is not sterilized from bacteria such as salad and fruit.
4. Breathing air high in humidity and pollution found in low sun-shine locations and times.
5. Eating fruit, fructose, honey, bananas, apples, melons.
6. Bad posture, scalene muscle tension in the neck region.
7. Taking thyroid reducing medications.
8. Being exposed to radiation such as radio-cancer therapy.

How can I avoid thyroid problems?
1. Yoga
2. Eat cooked, fermented, pickled foods.
3. Chew food, avoid liquid meals such as smoothies and juices.

How can I improve my thyroid?
1. Take iodine or eat iodine rich foods.
2. Reduce the mold in your home.
3. Stop drinking water stored in plastic bottles. Glass bottles can be used or re-use a freshly filled plastic water bottle. Boil the water to kill the germs. Plastic water bottles are a major cause of disease and a major contributor to cancer. Plastic bag video.
4. Avoid food stored or heated in plastic.

How do I test my thyroid?
1. Body temperature
2. Blood pressure and rate.
3. Weight problems when activity and food consumption are reasonable.

What are the problems realted to weak thyroid?
1. Weight
2. Fibromyalgia
3. Weak muscles
4. Asthma
5. cold hands and feet
6. loss of fertility
7. loss of sexual function, ED in men
8. kidney function
9. low blood pressure
10. dementia
11. retardation
12. arthritis
13. loss of hair
14. eye problems
15. loss of taste
16. loss of hearing
17. loss of smell
18. osteoporosis
19. osteopenia
20. numbness and nerve problems
21. loss of sleep

* Germs: Meet the Thryoid, - BV, an article about how the thyroid protects us from germs.
* The Mighty Thyroid, - BV, an article about the thyroid.
* Black Gold, - BV, an article about iodine. 
* Body Temperature as one way to test for weak thyroid, take your body temperature before leaving bed when you wake up, repeat a few times for an accurate average and compare to this chart.
 * Text book on thyroid, there are twelve hormones related to the thyroid and all of these can be tested in the lab; T1, rT1, T2, rT2, T3, rT3, T4, rT4, calcitonin, thyroperoxidase, thyroglobulin, and the hormone of the pituitary, TSH. If we want to be precise there are multiple versions of each of these as well such as 3,5-T2, 3'3-T2, and 3',5'-T2 so in the real world there are more than 50 thyroid hormones. The Western Medicine model likes to only consider a few and from this determine if your thyroid is "normal" or not. Most people still suffer thyroid disorders when prescribed a synthetic single hormone and because the lab only tests for this hormone the patient is deemed "normal" while still sick. You will also notice that the thryoid hormones are highly involved in the brain, skin, liver, kidney and not to forget the thyroid. A key area that the thryoid hormones affect is BAT which stands for Brown Adipose Tissue or more commonly called FAT. Most all kidney failure is secondary to thyroid disorder as is most all gall bladder disfunction. This also includes stones in kidney and gallbladder. The thyroid is also related to prtein in the urine and irregular menstrual cycles.

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