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About Rebound Health


We are a small operation that spends most of our time on research and consulting people with regards to being healthy.  Our business is about supplying the most effective routine of supplements available.  The Fix Your Body brand is top quality without the marketing hype.  The results are our goal and with a bit of time our clients are very convinced about how well they work. 

For research we seek large scale studies with long term followup.  A study of twenty people over one month is not reliable whereas a study of 125,000 over 18 years may be credible.  Sometimes a study is pre-set to prove something such as salt increases blood pressure.  The study is designed to reflect the funding goal and not at all to do with science.  Then a long term study finds the exact oposite to create serious confusion.  The rich funding of the skewed studies are then highly promoted through the media.  The real health studies are often un-promoted and lost in the noise of the hype.  This is the case with coffee, eggs and salt.  

It is easy to study the salt called MSG and then release the findings as "salt is bad" but no specification on which salt was used in the study.  This is the problem with our new label laws where sodium could be all MSG or all sodium-chloride.  The health effects are worlds apart and the label was funded by the rich corporations.  The sodium of MSG destroys the body while the sodium-chloride is the key immune system of the central nervous system, bone marrow, skin and lungs.  Low sodium-chloride levels are seen in many diseases.  The study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine followed 7154 people for 13.7 years.  They found that those who added sodium-chloride to their diet lived longer and had fewer cardio-vascular diseases.  Rich corporations only sell medicines to sick people.

It is difficult to bring un-biased information forward as it is so often against the slick and effective advertising and promotions of skewed marketers of medicines.  Here at Rebound Health we attempt to provide credible scientific support for an informed decision about our personal choices.  Some of this is mentioned in a newspaper article: a Globe and Mail article on confusions.

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