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Skin Newsletter 

Good Skin is Good Health

Niacin for dark Skin spots <Product>
MSM for Hair, Nails & Skin <Product>
Glutathione for body & Skin <Product>

 In the News: "Fructose Consumption May Accelerate Aging"

  • Skin's elasticity and softness may be destroyed by fructose.
  • Take a closer look at what you eat... a yogurt cup with fruit contains 8-10 grams of fructose.
  • Excessive consumption of fructose accelerates processes related to aging, that includes wrinkles!

Bryon Verhaeghe
Who is Bryon?

  •  We all have glutathione in our body; when levels are low we become sick and age faster.
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  • When taking niacin "one thing that everyone notices is that their skin begins to improve". Even age spots or 'liver spots' begin to disappear.  
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  • Skin Fungus, Athletes Foot, Stinky feet, Toe Jam, Hong Kong Foot, Vancouver Foot are many names for bad skin on our feet.
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  • Glutathione available at Rebound Health.
  • Too many sun burns this summer? Glutathione has been shown to protect skin from UV damage
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