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The Calcium Fraud

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800px-500_mg_calcium_supplements_with_vitamin_d id 16359Calcium supplement use may raise heart attack risk
CBCNEWS May, 2012 Taking calcium supplements doesn't seem as benign as thought, say doctors who've found the pills may increase the risk of heart attack.  Video 

Calcium triggers breast cancer.
Johns Hopkins University finds a signal opens up calcium influx to turn on hyper growth of breast tumor cells. November 2010.

Calcium supplements increase heart attacks.  
BBC News. Framingham health study in Massachusetts finds calcium to be a major cause of death.

Anger associated with calcium.
Angry young men and women found to have calcification in arteries. JAMA.

Calcium increases high school drop out rate.  
Department of Preventive Medicine, Geinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago.  An inverse relationship between education and cardiovascular calcification.

Calcium causes brain tumors.  
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC finds an adverse effect of calcium on brain lesions [cancer]. Fewer seniors need fewer hospital beds.  Canada closes 40% of hospital beds over period.

Calcium causes joint pain, swelling, and destruction.  
Harrison's, Principals of Internal Medicine, 14th Edition, McGraw-Hill.

Calcium increases prostate cancer.
A study of 3612 men from 1982/84 to 1992 found dietary calcium to be strongly associated with increased risk of prostate cancer. National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD

Calcium increases heart attacks by 30%.
Reuters July 2010.

Calcium is the trigger of strokes, whatever the mechanism.  
Exchemic cell death brain damage is a common cause of death and disability in the western world.

A Calcium article.- BV    How do I fix my bones?

Calcium sales in US and Canada; 1.2 billion Reuters: 2009
Tuberculosis patients have excess calcium.

Tuberculosis (TB) on the rise in Canada.

CBC News: Canada fails Nunavut in fighting TB.The Globe and Mail: TB a growing problem amont imigrants in Toronto....
Nunavut is a northern territory created by the Canadian Government in 1999 with constitution amendments. Their TB rates have been high since the second world war but recently surged.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) policy:
Countries with IMF Programs have TB death rates increase 16.6% and then decline 30.7% when the IMF leaves. Scroll down to Health.
The IMF advocates (1) increases in income tax, (2) reduction of corporate tax, (3) privatization of strategically vital national resources and (4) closure of hospital beds.

1. Tax man to hit Canadian workers harder in 2011. Globe and Mail December 28, 2010

2. Justifying lower corporate taxesBY PAUL VIEIRA, SPON JANUARY 26, 2011

3. "New Canadian Government" Sponsors Water Privatization Conference. September 10, 2010

4. Canada has closed 40% of hospital beds over the past ten years.
CBC News Sep 16, 2009. Canada: 350 acue-care beds closing.
CBC News Jan 26, 2007. Shortage of hospital beds, cancelled surgeries common across Canada
Statistics Canada: Downsizing Canada's hospitals, 1986/87 to 1994/95. “The process of shifting the costs and the care from hospitals can serve to increase long-term costs for the system.”
CMAJ Aug 22, 2000: Hospital downsizing and trends in health care use among elderly people in British Columbia, UBC. Significant downsizing of acute care may result in increased use of facility-based long-term care or community-based home care.  It also has the potential to influence patient outcomes, including death.
Conclusion: "This implies that the changes in capacity were absorbed by decreasing the amount of care received by each individual."

Codex Alimentarius, The Codex: "no herb, vitamin or mineral should be sold for preventive or therapeutic reasons, and that supplements should be reclassified as drugs."
Countries with IMF Programs have TB death rates increase 16.6%
(IMFWTO > FAO) + (UN > WHO) = Codex > (NPN + Consumer Safety Act: Not in Force Jan 2011).
Monsanto and Abbott Laboratories involved in Codex.
Canadian politicians attacked: The National News with Lloyd Robertson.
Foreign manipulation of the government.
Minister of Health: Ms. Leona Aglukkaq from Nunavut, member of Queen's Privy Council.
The Conservative and Liberal Parties compared Part 8 Transparency.
Oh Canada Movie -
Full Film Picasaweb
A Question of Sovereignty
- a film by Kevin P. Miller
WTO, Codex, Free Trade - Part 2 - a film by Kevin P. Miller
The Economic Hitmen, 2 minute film.
Health Canada Abuse - "Regulations caused human suffering"

Political meddling, sovereignty and The New World Order.
 The New York Times Dec 2010.  Obama to isolate science from political meddling.
"The guidelines have their roots in a series of scientific controversies that erupted during the administration of President George W. Bush."

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