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Vitamin K

* increases bone density

fewer bone fractures

* reduce c

* Regional Pain

* prevent cardiovascular disease

* reduce high blood pressure

What foods have vitamin K?
Green leafy foods:
Kale, Collards, spinach, greens, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, endive


Vitamin K One of the fat soluble vitamins like E and A.  Mostly found in the liver, arteries and bones.  It keeps the arteries from hardening, the bones from cracking and the liver healthy.
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What are the symptoms of deficiency?
high blood presure
bleeding gums
cold hands and feet
liver problems

We get Vitamin K from 2 souces. 
Some from green leafy vegetables in the diet and the rest from friendly bacteria in the bowel.  Our body becomes deficient with any bowel imbalance [constipation, diarrhea]

How about supplements?
Sold as K1 and K2.  These indicate the source where K1 is from plants and K2 is from bactreria and fish meal.  Some dietary fat is needed for absorption, eg., butter on vegetables.

Who should take Vitamin K supplements?
Pregnant women,mum and baby id 16233
new born infants,
breast fed babies,
People with: 
high blood pressure,
Prostate Cancer,
gall stones,
Cystic fibrosis,
Ciliac disease,
Crohn's disease,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),
Bleeding Disorder,
and people who are on antibiotics for more than ten days.                       Merck Manual

What else does it help?
Teeth, eyesight, hearing, skin, varicose veins, 

Is it safe?
K1 is not toxic, even in large amounts.

What is the dose?
Adults: 5 to 20 mg, 
may be repeated every 6 to 8 h,
reduced to 1 to 2.5 mg for those on anticoagulation therapy such as Warfarin
Infants: 0.5 to 1 mg IM within 6 h of birth
Preterm Infants: 0.3 mg  

Who needs it the most?
new born infants, people looking for health


A short introduction to Vitamin K.  The letter K comes from the German spelling of coagulation (koagulation).  This is the process of the blood to thicken and stop bleeding. Without vitamin K we cannot stop bleeding and new born babies or their mothers can bleed to death.  A common problem with circumcision.

For many years vitamin K was only thought of for coagulation until it was discovered to be key in bone health.  With a renewed interest even more studies find it needed for liver and arterial health.  Because it stores in fat it persists and keeps us from developing many chronic diseases.  Even things like chronic fatigue and fibro-myalgia are noted when vitamin K stores are depleted.  Restoring our vitamin K takes larger than normally needed for healthy people to sustain their health.  

The dose levels far exceed the recommended daily allowances set by the government regulatory bodies that foreign companies lobby agressively.  The Codex Allimentarius Commission is dictating nutrient levels under the guise of them being voluntary but when not implemented a "technical barrier to trade" is imposted and trade is restricted to diminish a countries' soverignity.  The NPN (Codex) regulations in Canada allow 0.120mg of vitamin K to be sold.  Merck: The low vitamin K1 content in breast milk can be increased by increasing maternal dietary intake of [K1] to 5mg/day [5,000mcg/day]. This is 42 tablets per day of the 120mcg allowed by regulation.  

The issue is not whether or not we should take this dose amount, but the Canadian Governments' ability to regulate based on individual needs as a sovereign nation rather than for foreign corporate profit.

Films on the topic of New World Order and Global Health Rules: 
The CTV National News: Warning to Canadians
Foreign manipulation of the government.

A Question of Sovereignty - a film by Kevin P. Miller - Part 1 of 2, Time 15:02
It is a great time to be Canadian - Who are the hero's?

Oh! Canada, the movie.  Time 1:36:03.  Lots of US coverage as well

Interview with John Perkins, author of: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. 37:21

John Pilger - The New rulers of The World.  Time 53:11

Economic Hitmen, Time 2:08 Cartoon. 

The World According to Monsanto Part 1 of 10. Global Patents, Global Rules.

Do we want to have the right to choose vitamins for ourselves in Canada?
Awareness, thought and constructive discussion is needed from individuals and not just corporations.

These are exciting times about health and nutrition.  
Learn, engage and voice your opinions.  Now is the time.

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