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It is important to understand cholesterol fully and here it is from the beginning biology.

Cholesterol is a lipid.

Lipid n. Any of a group of organic compounds, including the fats, oils, waxes and sterols that have a greasy to the touch.

Lipids are the same as a carbohydrate but with reduced oxygen numbers.
Hydrate means water H2O
Carbo means carbon "C".
Carbohydrates always have Hydrogen and Oxygen in a 2:1 ratio.

However, a lipid is a carbohydrate but with fewer oxygen.
The reduced oxygen makes a lipid not compatible with water.

A simple example:
A sugar carbohydrate with six carbons: C6H12O6 has six waters.
A lipid with six carbons -Hexanoic acid: C6H12O2 has four less oxygen.

Hexanoic acid is greasy with an umpleasant odor of goats, other barnyard animals and ginko biloba supplements.

The reduction of oxygen causes the molecule to not dissolve in water.
Water likes water and lipids like lipids.

We see water in droplets or rise slightly above the rim of a glass. This is called surface tension from the fact that water molecules are attracted to each other. Oxygen has a negative charge and hydrogen has a positive charge; a polar charge that clings to each other.

We see this in lipids when we drop oil into water and it clumps together. In a gas carbon likes oxygen - carbondioxide CO2 but in liquid form water and oil (lipids) do not like to mix.

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Evidence Of Whole Egg Diet On The Effects Of HDL, LDL, Triglyccride, Cholesterol

Lipids are fat / oil based on state at room temp but things are different at body temperatures. Lipids are oils at body temp:
Triglycerides - most dangerous, caused by fructose and vegetable oils.
HDL Cholesterol - most protective, Healthy people have high levels, measures human cell health. 
LDL Cholesterol - the bad but not as bad as preached. 

Statins are bad. Lowering cholesterol is dangerous:
How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol: And Kill You One Cell at a Time
2. FDA Warning: Crestor [statin] causes serious muscle damage. (the heart is a muscle)
3. Health Canada Warning: All Statins may cause serious muscle damage. (muscle wasting)
4. Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?, the benefits of statins such as Lipitor are overstated.
5. Long-term statins could lead to anxiety and depression. 
6. Women over 55 do not live any longer by taking a statin.
7. Statins raise risk of Type 2 diabetes in older women
8. Cholesterol pill could raise cancer risk,  

Eating whole eggs is safe and good for health when eaten everyday.
1. An Egg a Day is OK!
2. Two-egg diet cracks cholesterol issue
3. Eggs are healthier than ever, say experts

Cholesterol protects us and reduces heart disease.
1. Cholesterol is bad: Fact or Fiction - BV, a two page article with 20 medical study references showing HDL cholesterol is good for us.
2. Seven Side Effects of low cholesterol. 1. Cancer, 2. Kidney Failure, 3. Heart Failure, 4. Liver Dysfunction, 5. Memory Loss / Dementia, 6. Nerve Damage / Numbness, 7. Depression / muscle stiffness & pain.

What causes BAD trigylcerides and cholesterol in the body
1. Vegetable oil / fat, margarine, cannola, soy, corn oil.
2. Fruit - fructose, espicially honey, apples, bananas, pears, melons
3. Oatmeal, oats, barley, gluten grains.
4. low diet levels of good HDL cholesterol found in egg yolks and shell fish like shrimp.
5. Weak thyroid. see Category: Thyroid.

How do I lower bad LDL cholesterol and increase good HDL cholesterol.
1. Niacin Vitamin B3, start gradual, do not take more than 2,000 mg per day, side effect; after a three month course there is a 11%  lower death rate from any cause, may cause a temporary skin flush that gives red and hot skin (Pain of the Gain".
2. Niacin: To Flush or Not To Flush - BV, an article about the niacin flush and why it is worth the trouble.
3. Niacin, medical abstract PMID10979113, lowers bad cholesterol 8-9%, reduces triglycerides 23-28% and increases good cholesterol 29-29%. (with-without diabetes)
Note: to protect big pharmaceutical companies profits niacin is restricted in most countries by local health departements.
3. A batch of medical abstracts about Niacin improving brain function and lowering rates of cancer.
3. Fish oil, the best is salmon oil. "Wild Salmon" is most often a blend of non-salmon oils and is much less effective.

Why do we need cholesterol? Cholesterol generates all steroid hormones such as estrogen, progesterin and testosterone. Low levels are associated with old age. 
1. Molecular flow chart, award winning.
2. Molecular flow chart, a favourite.
3. Brain function and reduction of retardation
4. Normal new born birth weight.
5. Normal menstrual cycle
6. Memory
7. Good mood
8. Strong muscles
9. Anti-Ageing 

There is an extensive lobby force by pharmaceutical corporations. They do this to ensure their success and profits for the stock markets. This is a good business process and ensures a good return on investment dollars.

Unfortunately, our public Health Departments have limited budgets and resources to counter large corporations that have a monopoly on health care. Public organizations are small compared to the large pharmaceutical industry. 

To keep the information confusing there are strong lobby groups promoting excessive medical copyright laws, gaining control of Internet search engines to block certain sites and also overproduce bad information that with big budgets finds it's way to the to of the Internet searches.

The net effect is that there is money behind the selling of vast amounts of drugs to sick people.  If we were all healthy there would be less profit from drug therapies and medical equipment sales.

I hope this web site and information are beneficial to you and your family. 

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