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Fix bad cholesterol: eat whole eggs, two trials.


Eating whole eggs to fix bad cholesterol 
- Bryon Verhaeghe, 11 February 2013

Two separate trails of eating large amounts of whole eggs were done. They were separated by more than a year.  Starting blood levels of bad LDL cholesterol were above normal both times and twice they returned to normal range.

Trial 1: In 2010 448 eggs were consumed over 56 days, average 8 per day.
Trial 2: In 2013 400 eggs were consumed over 25 days, average 16 per day

Start and end blood test reports in mmol/L.

Trial 1 Trial 2

8 eggs/d 16 eggs/d, started Dec 24, 2012
Date: Mar. 3, 2010 Apr. 28, 2010 Sep. 17, 2012 Sep. 25, 2012 Jan. 18, 2013 (Range)
Good HDL 1.83 2.05 2.53 2.60 3.71 (>0.91)
Bad LDL 3.55* 3.05 3.60* 3.52* 3.03 (<3.37)
Triglycerides 0.87 0.86 0.60 0.68 0.79 (<1.70)

% change in good HDL and bad LDL cholesterol:







    8 eggs / day for 56 days  

  + 12.0%  

  - 14.0%  

  16 eggs / day for 25 days  

+ 44.6%

- 15.0%

Note: Bad LDL cholesterol was above range in both trials and down to normal range by the end.

A short course of intense whole egg consumption may improve or correct elevated lipids in the blood.
1. In Trial 2 elevated LDL was double confirmed by tests one week apart. Averages were used for start up statistical calculations, being 2.565 HDL and 3.56 LDL.
2. The consumption of eggs was delayed in Trial 2 due to travel and holidays with my 94 year old mother visiting Oct. 10th to Dec. 11th. High egg diet was delayed to Dec 24th to avoid holiday eating and gatherings. Consumption ranged between 6 to 30 eggs per day with only one day missed.
3. Triglycerides started and ended in normal range and slightly increased in Trail 2. This may be due to the eggs consumed as eggnog with one cup of whipping cream (34% fat) per each six egg batch. A total of 75 cups or 18 liters of high fat cream (35% fat) in Trial 2. In Trial 1 the eggs were cooked in butter, steamed or poached. Butter consumption was lower in Trail 2.

1. The first study over the longer period left me rather tired of eating eggs whereas the second study with eggnog was more enjoyable.
2. Surprising with the whipping cream is that my weight hardly changed. Possibly due to feeling satisfied the entire day and not wanting to eat other food.
3. The eggs were free range with good taste but not organic.
4. An overall feeling be being healthier at the end of each study was noted.
5. Both studies were purposefully done when the bad LDL cholesterol above normal range.
6. Lab reports will be visible as soon as we can organize their scan and upload. 
7. Check out egg nog recipe in Rebound Health website.

A plan for the future is to again have the bad LDL above range and attempt to reduce the number of eggs and duration. We will also note body weight at the onset and finish as it will again be with high fat eggnog.

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