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Autism spectrum disorders range from minor to major. The low end is also called Asperger's. I put a description of Asperger's further in this post.
Most of these types of problems start out as a childhood cold with strep throat (bacteria) considered and amoxicillin (a penicillin) is prescribed.
The penicillin group of drugs work to destroy the cell wall of the bacteria. The contents of the cell are not killed and remain intact. There are many white blood cells close to the bacterial contents and it is the job for immune cells to eat germs and garbage.
The specific white cells are listed on a lab report as monocytes, a small cell. They travel and are signalled to leave the blood stream and move into infected areas. There they enlarge dramatically into a "big-eater" and named such macrophage. These macrophage can live for up to one year on the site, being large they don't move around too much. This is in part the swelling or inflammation effect.
With the strep contents safely inside the macrophage there is no more attack by penicillin nor other white blood cells. The strep sets up camp and we develop what can be called and auto-immune disease. This is because the other white blood cells eventually detect an intruder or at least a sick white cell and begin to attack it. However the strep have multiplied and spread to a great number of our own cells to overwhelm the immune system.
Some antibiotics but not the penicillin type travel inside of our own white blood cells and this auto-immune disease does not develop. These types of antibiotics should be combined with penicillin such as a macrolide or a tetracycline.
Macrolides are from the first and oldest erythromycin, then slightly improved into clarithromycin and then finally into azithromycin. Clarithromycin hardly works.
Tetracyclines are from long ago as they are naturally made from earth organisms. The first was plain tetracycline then improved semi-synthetically into doxycycline and then into minocycline. All are good but minocycline is the best at penetrating into oil / fat / lipids / membranes.
The oily nature of breasts, lungs and prostates makes minocycline ideal but not used.
Penicillin family is very large and from them they developed the cephalosporins which is huge and includes more than a hundred variations. No cephalosporins is a 'drug-of-choice' for any disease.
Penicillin is so bad at crossing membranes that the only ones that really work are given IV directly into the blood stream as they hardly cross through the intestinal lining.
The great increase in many other diseases in recent decades is similar to autism.
Around sixty years ago most water pipes were made from galvanized zinc. These pipes were resistant to germs. We still use galvanized zinc in the kicthens of hospitals for safety from germs.
Now wse mostly use copper water pipes. Copper will tarnish with a mold like growth that can also grow into the brain, in arteries and on joint surfaces which includes the skin and throat.
We can see the tarnish on the Parliament building roofs in Ottawa, Canada. The copper is installed with the copper colour but over time develops a distinct green.
Since we have changed most water pipes from galvanized zinc to copper there has been a noted water poisoning from copper.
Physical chemistry finds that copper reacts similarly to aluminium. Treating lab animals with aluminium can create Alzheimer's symptoms.
60-70% of dementia is Alzheimer's type featuring:
  • brain degeneration
  • disorientation, motor skill problems
  • mood disturbances
  • language problems
  • behavioral issues
Autism features:
  • brain development disorders
  • confused, reduced motor skills
  • mood disturbances
  • delayed language
  • social behavioral issues
Aluminium can induce Alzheimer's symptoms and can be repeated in many studies. However, when the analyse the brain material from a person who has had Alzheimer's they find it to be copper.
The World Health Organization (WHO) produced a document:
Copper in Drinking-water
English only
Page 8/28:
In my words: Childhood liver disease that may include liver enlargement, fibroids or tissue necrosis (cell death) showing increased levels of copper and may impact on normal childhood development.

Page 9/28:
Copper was less toxic [.] when [.] in the diet than when [.] in drinking-water [.].

Page 12/28: Effects on Humans.
At lower doses, copper ions can cause symptoms typical of food poisoning (headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea).

 I expect that it will be a long time before the brain of a child with autism is analysed for copper content.

When a person has a toxic level of lead, mercury and copper the treatment is high doses of zinc.

Unfortunately the multi-vitamin and mineral formulas include copper as well as low amounts of zinc.
The key issue for autism is the bowels as well. As a zinc lozenge helps the throat it also helps the intestines. You will find most autistic children with severe bowel problems.
Some people actually have had to install special toilets to handle the near cement like faeces. Others have used something like a baseball bat as a tool to break up the stool so that it would go down the toilet.
In physical chemistry the magnesium atom behaves similar to the zinc atom. when magnesium is low we have a very dry and hard stool.
The physical chemistry between copper atoms and aluminium atoms are similar to each other when reacting with other atoms.
These physical function similarities can make a repeat study with the wrong atom. This is how the aluminium can cause Alzheimer like symptoms in lab rats to perpetuate the notion that aluminium is the cause. It took a close look at an actual human brain that had Alzheimer's to find the copper.

Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's syndrome, Asperger disorder (AD) or simply Asperger's, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical (peculiar or odd) use of language are frequently reported. The diagnosis of Asperger's was eliminated in the 2013 fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and replaced by a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder on a severity scale.

The fix is again a reduction in fungi in the body.

The fungi contain the LDL Ergosterol oil and high amounts of omega 6 (vegetable) oils.

--this is the low fat vegetarian diet.

The child needs omega 3 (fish) oil and HDL Cholesterol.
--this is the non-veg butter and egg diet.
The fungi in autism feed on fruit sugar and also cane sugar but really get going on grains such as oatmeal and wheat / pasta / cake / cookies / pizza.
It takes a real effort to convince parents of why their kids are so sick.
I had one parent who used to make pumpkin pie at home and bring to the mental hospital and improved her son enough to be discharged.
Another teacher in HK used to bring home made soup to school everyday and had tremendous reductions in misbehaviours.
The autistic child often has high levels of hormones. Some of the boys will be very muscular and the girls with a bit of facial hair. This is because fungi are highly stimulated by hormones to grow.
The olfactory cells in the nose constantly have to be replaced for us to have a sense of smell. This fast growing area is stimulated by growth factors. These growth factors are a range of growth hormones that includes insulin. So when a young person eats a continuous amount of sugar their insulin goes up as does there Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). This IGF-1 is highly utilized by nerve cells and especially the nose olfactory cells.
Then with sugar stimulating the nose, fungi grow wild and the child gets chronic colds. After a number of these colds there is a visit to the doctor for some relief and either anti-histamines or anti-biotics or both are prescribed.
Histamine is a key and major immune system of the skin, respiratory and digestive surface cells.
The anti-histamine completely shuts down the surface first response immune system and can develop a chronic cough or chronic skin problem with chronic bowel or digestive problems.
The well meaning parents end up causing autism to develop. In some cases the early vaccinations are enough to upset the yet to develop immune systems. The vaccinations usually include a 'small' amount of mercury as a preservative. This mercury is also at the expense of normal zinc levels in the body and the water supply contains trace amounts of copper. The net result is that the zinc levels are far too low and the surfaces of the body are weakened to a point of chronic syndromes.
In some countries they have switched from mercury to formaldehyde which is a wood preservative found in flax seed (linseed oil). Flax seeds with formaldehyde naturally occurring given daily to a horse can destroy it's bowels.
But, as we switch from normal incandescent bulbs to the fluorescent type there is a starter included in the 'environmental' bulb that contains a small amount of mercury. The land fill sites are now very high in mercury from the thrown away fluorescent bulbs.

The bottom line it to take zinc for the rest of your life and work up to a higher dose until you have no syndromes and avoid 'low fat' food.

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