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Fertility is an area that I have studied and have been very successful in helping a dozen couples in your situation.  Generally it takes a minimum of three months of supplements to achieve the start of a full term live birth pregnancy.  This does not mean pregnant in three months but more like pregnant in 5-6 months.

Some stats: Testosterone and likely the female hormones peak in September to produce spring babies.  This in nature allows a baby to grow enough, and this includes growing the immune system, to survive the winter.  The female system can produce a baby, in humans, once per year while the human male is set up to produce a baby every three days.  So in a statistical sense we only need one male per 100 females to sustain the species.  This fact is in part why females outlive the male in all species.  The female is more important to survival of the species than the male.

In our body we have many systems and sub systems.  One of these is the nervous system.  Part is active for flight and fight (sympathetic) nervous system.  The balance of this is the calm and digest (para-sympathetic) nervous system.  The only bodily function of humans that both of these nervous systems are at once is in the male erection.  The sympathetic nervous system stimulates the heart rate for increased blood flow and the climax while the para-sympathetic nervous system must relax the arteries that allow blood to flow into the penis.  Food stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system.  This is why a good meal before sex is common.

Our hormones are on a circadian cycle where the time of day also impacts hormones.  Before bed the thyroid has a short stimulus to keep the heart beating fast enough while the nervous system takes a sleep.  30 to 60 minutes after we start sleeping, if the stomach is empty, growth hormone kicks in to induce repair and growth of tissues.  This is why kids have growing pains when they go to bed.  At about 4 AM there is a spike in testosterone and this is why we often have an erection in the morning.

In large scale medical studies they find that comparing in-vitro fertilization with tetracycline antibiotic there was twice the rate of full term - live births with the antibiotic than with the in-vitro fertilization.  So this is where I launched more research as to why this happened.  It seems that the sperm is mixed with fructose just prior to ejaculation as a massive stimulation for swimming.  If you read the label of many variations of the red bull stimulant drink you will find "high fructose corn syrup" as the key ingredient along with caffeine.  It is a real sugar buzz but tends to cause bacteria and fungi to grow like wild fire.  As a defense mechanism of the bacteria and fungi to our immune system they develop a shield like the clam shell make of very thin calcium.  This calcium accumulates in the prostate and the disease is called "benign prostate hypertrophy", or calcification of the prostate.  This calcium is associated with an outer slim that has been termed biofilm.  A mature biofilm makes the bacteria 500 times more resistant to antibiotics and this is why antibiotics many become useless in the 7-10 therapies.  Then doctors like to think that antibiotics are perfect and so term the disease "auto-immune".  The better universities now recognize that there is NO auto-immune diseases, it is just a failure of the lab to identify the offending pathogen.  My self study period includes five years on the biofilm.

The tetracycline family of antibiotics seek out calcium.  If you give a growing child tetracycline before the teeth have finished growing they will be stained.  The stain is a way of inhibiting bacterial and fungal growth without killing them.  It is a static form of drug rather than a cidal (death) form of drug like the penicillin.  The static forms of antibiotics are also not nearly as hard on our own cells.  This is why a teenager will be given years of tetracycline for acne without harm.

The staining property is a key immune function for life that is harmed by bacteria and fungi.  This is why grass stains, curry stains, blueberries stain, red wine (grapes) stain and coffee stains.  In humans we have learned this process and this is why red blood stains and the iodine of the thyroid stains.  A stain is like a small dog holding onto your pant let, it never harms you, but you cannot move to reproduce and slowly die of old age.

The family of tetracycline’s was enhanced with the development of doxycycline and then later with a semi-synthetic minocycline.  One of my all time favorite antibiotics, and my background is mostly antibiotics, is minocycline.  It is written up medically to cure MS (multiple-sclerosis) in twelve months with MRI proof that the brain lesions disappear.  The drug companies are trying to discontinue minocycline and already it is not available in Thailand and becoming harder to find in some countries.

The inner ear contains our balance system that uses tiny hairs to detect movement.  The cavity of the inner ear is small with a lot of bone (calcium) around it and there are three bones that transmit the sound to the inner ear.  When we get colds and the ears plug up there is infection in there.  The infection might be cleared but there are extra tiny deposits of calcium from the biofilms.  Men have more problems with calcium than women as testosterone attracts calcium to the bone faster than estrogen.  This is why there is more crib death in male babies than female babies and this is why men do not live as long as women.  Also this is why men have trouble hearing, selective hearing, and need hearing aids later in life more than women.

When we start taking minocycline there can be a period of severe dizziness and nausea.  This is called a side effect but it is also part of the "pain of the gain", hence the saying, "no pain - no gain".  I am working with a couple that went through in-vitro without success and both had to stop the minocycline for a week to let their sinuses clear and then we started again but with half dose for a few weeks.  Another lady had to hold on to things while she walked for a period of time.

I would not like to say that minocycline is enough on it's own for everyone but I would like to say that it is a wonderful add-on to the supplements that you are taking.  I have half of the fertility successes without using minocycline and just the supplements with the diet change.  Except for one couple that actively decided not to have a baby, all of the others have become pregnant.  The most memorable couple; the husband had been in a wheel chair for a long time with MS and they were not really trying, but she had a baby after 18 months of supplements and prior to him being sick they were diagnosed as infertile.  Another couple had been trying for six years until we worked together.  When they decided to have a second child she was pregnant the next month and now they have two daughters.

This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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