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Topic: Why not to take Crestor


I would suggest stopping the Crestor right away.  These cholesterol lowering medicines are extremely bad for memory and brain function.  Most of our cholesterol is in the brain and when lowered harms the brain and muscles.
The brain needs the thyroid to function well and for this we need iodine/ bromine/ chlorine/ fluorine.  You might have read or heard things but this group is essential for our body to work.  Natural fluoride is in butter and potatoes.  Chlorine is in sea salt as table salt is full of MSG.  When we eat MSG it concentrates in the brain and turns it to mush as it does to all meats.  This is extreme in all soy products and must be stopped right away.  Any sauce that is bought is full of MSG such as baked goods, packaged goods, and in general are the "tasty and tender" foods.  They taste good but have no flavor and are so tender we don't have to chew much. 
If you were to put her on a food made with water only diet she would improve.  This means chicken roasted without any sauce, beef made with no marinade, fish with no soy sauce, vegetable cooked in butter or water and only homemade bread but notice that it will be chewier.  Lots of eggs, coffee and sea salt, and I mean lots, not once a week but every day.  With three eggs per day the cholesterol improves dramatically contrary to what we are told.  Salt lowers blood pressure contrary to what we are told.
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This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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