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All mammals have a flora in the intestines consisting of yeast and bacteria.  Some are friendly and some are not but they live together and compete for space and food.  If the bad ones flare up we are sick or have an allergic reaction.  When we are healthy the friendly ones have control of the space and supply the immune system with support.  We continue to have some bad ones in the stomach but they are under control and this is where I want my clients to be.
The friendly bacteria are called acidophilus.  This word means in simple terms; 'acid-' for acid and 'phil' is short for philic or "to-like" something.  The opposite of phillic is phobic which means to "not-like" something.  The suffix -us is for genus of species being a group of living things.  As a word, acidophilus means,  "acid-liking-bacteria".  The acid liking bacteria keep our intestines acidic.  Sometime we are told to alkaline the body.  Most of the time this makes us sick as the bad or un-friendly bacteria tend to live in an alkaline environment.  The Internet is full of mis-information and is confusing. 

Friendly e.coli gives us 5-HTP (5-hydroxy-tryptophan).  This is converted in our body/brain into serotonin and melatonin, the hormones of good mood and good sleep, respectively.  The friendly e.coli lives in an acidic intestine where-as the un-friendly e.coli that causes dementia and mad cow disease lives in an alkaline intestine.  Calcium as found in some heart-burn medicines lowers stomach acidity and makes us sick.  One of the side effects of an alkaline intestine is depression and taking calcium is related to low mood, tiredness and depression. 
The sun produces UV rays that stimulate things with energy in the form of electrons.  Things with electrons are acidic and the counter to electrons is a proton.  The most common being a hydrogen.  This is why hydrogenated foods are bad, they have less electrons and are more alkaline.  The electrons in the air simulate the water particles in the air to pick up an electron.  So the water, H2O becomes H2O- and to balance this electron it picks up and extra oxygen to become H2O2.  We call this bleach and we get sun bleached hair or sun bleach sofa that is in the sun of the window.  In the laundry the bleach has chlorine added to be H2O2+Cl. 
So in the summer we have more electrons in the air, more acidicy, and a better mood.  The sun goes away and is less in the winter and we get the winter blues or a low mood.  To off set this we eat a high typtaphan food being turkey.  Our ancestors noticed this and incorporated turkey with thanksgiving and Christmas to boost our mood for the winter blues.  So have some turkey and you will sleep like a baby and have a better mood.  They have noticed in the hospital that when the serve turkey there is a shorter duration of stay and a quicker recovery from surgery.  Not good if your income is from sick people in the hospital.
Another dietary molecule that is needed for the movement of electrons in the body and the production of serratonin and melatonin is niacin.  The only vitamin of any consequence in coffee is niacin.  The find that coffee lowers depression, asthma, diabetes and cancer.  So it is bad for business if we sell drugs and cancer therapy so we will advertives green tea to try to bet people to stop drinking coffee.  Promote coffee as bad for health.  Let's even tell people that it promotes osteoporosis.   Lie, lie, lie, and sell as many drugs as possible.  Fill the Internet with stories and hire as many doctors as we can, buy the publishing companies and fill the libraries and students with myths.
Depression and thoughts of suicide are low levels of salt in the body.  The bad salt is mono-sodium-glutamate (MSG) but the good salt is sodium-chloride (NaCl).  We will confuse everyone by stating that salt is bad when we mean MSG and tell them that it causes high blood pressure when in fact the good salt, NaCl, lowers blood pressure.  Our ancestors learned this and put in on every table to make sure we used it.  The drug companies put the bad salt in all our food and call it "flavouring".  Then we get eveyone one high blood pressure medicines and anti-depressants.
To be sure that we get people off niacin we set up United Nations to monitor currencies throughout the world and implement Codex.  This is an organization the will control dietary supplements and make them only available by prescription.  Codex started in the 1960's but is now law in Canada under the name NPN (Natural Product Number) that came into effect January 1st, 2008 and has full power of items available to the public on December 31st, 2009.  Niacin over 35mg will be prescription by a doctor and to cure cholesterol or depression is 1,500mg per day for two months is currently $938.  This much in a health food store is about $61 now without prescription.
Natural Factors (NF) is the largest supplement company sold under many brand names including Webber.  The founder is Roland and NF was a private family owned company sold in many countries around the world.  A few years ago I pointed out to Roland how important his company was to the industry and that if in the wrong hands would be bad for humans.  He assured me that he understood this and that his company was going to stay in his family.  The NPN would not grant him licenses to sell products so he was faced with going our of business or selling.  He sold to the pharmaceuticals a few months ago.
The Canadian government vetoed the Codex laws but it was forced by the United Nations.  Codex is implemented into law with any country that accepts the Euro-dollar and niacin is not available in any of these countries.
I am taking the time to explain this so the the public has an understanding of what is going on.  I am not into conspiracies or even being an alarmist.  If we understand things we are better equiped to look after our selves and our health better.  My diet guide, Rebound Diet is on the web site  It is very different is popular thinking that if you understand how manipulated the media is you will more easily understand the diet.  I am having fun researching and have so many getting their health back that it is exillerating for me.  Let the drug companies do their thing and we can do our thing.
Alcohol.  The real study shows that the right amount is two servers for women and three serving for men per day and this reduces strokes and heart attacks by one third.  Those that drink need to maintain their salt intake or the suffer dehydration.  This is the salty nuts with beer, salty olive in the martini, salty rim on the margaretta, salt with the bloody mary and salt with the tequela shots.  Any diuretic needs to be counered with salt, the NaCl kind.  We take salt pills to go to the desert  In the old days we put a dash of salt in the coffee pot.  A good indicator is if you dirnk coffee of alcohol and start peeing you are dehydrating and need a shot of salt right away.  Hence salt on the table.  When you fly use the salt and you will have better jet lag.
Red wine is better for health to sip.  White wine is the best steralant when we eat foods that are high in bacteria, chicken, or parasites, fish.  This why we are told to drink white wine with fish and chicken.  The longest living and lowes heart disease country is the Japanese and with their fish, sushi, they drink white wine, sake.  Usually about two servings.  We use a white alcohol to sterilize our skin before a needle.  A substitute for white wine is vinegar so we sprinkle a little vinegar on the fish.  The English always did this with their fish and chips.
Gluten in the dictionary means "sticky protein" and causes our blood to stick together.  The French have the second lowest rate of heart disease in the world.  They have their white bread well yeasted, friendly yeast, and consume wine with it.  Another good way is to dip the bread in balsamic VINEGAR and olive oil.  In the past when we ate bread we had a vinegar soaked pickle with it.  One good rule of health is to put pickles in the kids sandwiches when the take lunch to school.  This is why a pregnant woman will crave pickles is she needs the vinegar to help clean our her body and keep the baby healthy.  The outter husk of wheat is where most of the gluten is so whole wheat bread makes our blood clump more and first leads to varicose veins, cold hands and feet then high blood pressure and stoke.
Celiac in the medical dictionary means "stomach region".  All celiac diseases are related to gluten and the gluten cloggs up our intestines and makes us bloated and stomach fat.  This is why the high gluten in beer gives us a "beer belly".  The outter husk of whole wheat is where most of the the gluten is found.  When we use friendly yeast to raise or ferment the bread the yeast eats the bad sugars and digests some of the sticky gluten to cause us less harm.  This is why muffins and bagels are to be avoided in the Rebound Diet but a yeasted French bread or yeasted baget is OK but remember the pickles or wine, but no beer.
I have lots more to go over and I am sure you are thinking that I am crazy.  I know that I am passionate about my career and am having fun.  The web site is soon to be improved but contains lots to read  I willl answer any of your questions as best I can.  Also avoid low fat dairy.

Update December 4, 2010.  The US has passed S.510 this week and Canada has passed Bill C-51 > C-52 > C-6 > C.36 into law.  These are highly controversial. 


This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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