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Topic: Skin Fungus


When we are young the big problem is bacteria until about age 20.  Then at around age 30 the big problem is fungi which includes yeast.  These fungi have segments of DNA that are nearly idential to parts of our DNA, and this totally confuses our immune system into ignoring the fungal growths. Our immune cells regard the fungi as human cells and leave them alone. We are like a five star hotel with full room service and impeccable maintenance.  Then they have a longer life span than we do and have the ability to live without oxygen.  A human cell requires oxygen to survive and cannot hibernate while the fungi can.  This makes getting rid of them nearly impossible.
A few things that they do not like are acids such as vinegar, vitamin C and lactic acid.  In general they also like lower levels of oxygen than we do so work to slow circulation and live in parts of the body with low levels such as the joints, tendons and skin.  A deep cleanse will often shift them more to the surface of the body and like a plant tend to enjoy moisture so that we have dry skin, dry eyes, and dry bowels for extra constipation.
They do not like pigments and this is why plants try to get rid of them with things like grass stains, curry stains, coffee stains, red wine stains and red blood stains.  The red blooded meat has a longer shelf life because of the staining properties.  Three of our white blood cells are called bands because they have a band of staining pigment inside of them.
When we sit in the sun the UV rays kill fungi.  You will notice that the fungi as mould and things grow on the side of a house or tree mostly away from the sun.  As the sun kills them we send in the final pigments to stain them to keep them from coming back from hibernation.  Things like freckles and tan are the result where the vitamin B3 - niacin will help to reverse the skin pigments by removing the fungi with a flush.  The skin needs to have nutrients replaced after sun rays which include vitamin C, glutathione and urea.
This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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