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Topic: Vinegar


There are many vinegars and most are standardized to 5% acetic acid.  Apple's have a high sugar content and so will make cider alcohol and then vinegar faster than other low sugar starters.  All vinegars help the liver and immune system but apple cider vinegar is most common due to it being very easy to make.  It is one of the carboxylic acids which also includes ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and lactic acid (from exercise). If any of the carboxylic acids are high they are easily eliminated by breathing more such as when we exercise.  

The ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is highest in the outer fluids of the eye, gums and skin while the acetic acid tends to be more around the liver. This will de-fat the liver and over time reduce body fat.  As we live a type of alcohol forms naturally in the body and at the liver it is converted into acetic acid with the help of glutathione.  The more this process happens the more glutathione is needed and when depleted we develop headaches and body pains as felt with drinking too much alcohol.  Foods that replete the glutathione also include eggs, asparagus, Brussels Sprouts and broccoli.  

Malt vinegars contain gluten that bothers some people and all celiac disease sufferers. The word celiac means the stomach region and this gluten can make us bloated and uncomfortable.  This gluten cannot be removed by distillation and so some are bothered by gluten grain alcohols like rye whiskey.  Some vodka's are made from grapes and potatoes.  As vinegar will melt fat so will alcohol and this is why wine helps people loose weight, contrary to popular thought. The mix in alcohol or the extra food with alcohol is why we might gain weight.  Some people drink a tablespoon of vinegar in water every morning.  This also improved digestion, de-fats the liver and improves blood cholesterol.

This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon


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