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Who Holds The Gold?
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1. United States of America
8,965.6 tonnes.

2. Germany
3,749.8 tonnes.

3. International Monetary Fund (IMF), 
3,137.9 tonnes.

4. Italy 2,702.6 tonnes.
5. France 2,684.6 tonnes.
6. China 1,161.9 tonnes.
7. Switzerland 1,146.5 tonnes.
8. Russia 854.5 tonnes.
9. Japan 843.5 tonnes.
10. Netherlands 675.2 tonnes.
11. India 614.8 tonnes.
12. European Central Bank 522.7 tonnes.
13. Taiwan 466.9 tonnes.
22. Philippines 175.9 tonnes.
25. Singapore 127.4 tonnes.
79. Canada 3.4 tonnes.
86. Hong Kong 2.1 tonnes.

World (in circulation) 30,562.5 tonnes.

IMF:gold bar x6 id 16550
Loans money to countries with conditions.
Ensures payback with Rules:
1. Increase personal tax. 
2. Sales tax (GST/HST - not paid by corporations).
3. Lower corporate tax.
4. Privatize public assets (resources and banks).
5. Reduce education and medical payments by gov.
6. Require membership in WTO
7. Make it easy for business, fewer environmental rules, favortistic import/export limits, control food suplly and nutrient content (Codex)
8. Control business imports/exports with "technical trade barriers", WTO

Canada funds the IMF:

Canada signs a borrowing agreement with IMF for US$769 million and none of the money goes to Canadians. With the agreement many rules are imposed by the IMF. The purpose of the loan is for the IMF to reduce poverty and feed the poor.
One concept of how the loan works, Economic Hitmen: A two minute film
Canada has more poverty than China, Tunisia and Libya, World Graph.

IMF programs increase poverty:
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In 2001 the IMF introduced a five year poverty reduction plan for The Republic of Yemen. Many mandatory rules were imposed.  Some of which included; GST, increased personal tax, lowered corporate tax, fewer environmental and import restrictions on business, privatization of key resources including 51% in the National Bank of Yemen (YBM).  The program was so effective that in five years poverty went from 19% to 45% where it remains today.
Where did the IMF get so much gold?
Poverty in Yemen
Poverty in Yemen went from 19% to 45% with the five year IMF program.
Data: CIA World Factbook.

IMF programs increase tuberculosis:

Tuberculosis deaths increase 16.6% in 21 countries with IMF programs

"Each additional year of participation in an IMF program was associated with increase tuberculosis mortality rates by 4.1%, and each 1% increase in IMF lending was associated with increased tuberculosis mortality rate by 0.9%. On the other hand, we estimated a decrease in tuberculosis mortality rates of 30.7% associated with exiting the IMF programs."
University of Cambridge and King's College, United Kingdom; University of Cambridge and Emmanuel College, United Kingdom; Yale University, United States of America.

Tuberculosis increasing in Yemen

IMF programs destroy Indonesia.

A John Pilger Film - The New Rulers Of The World. 54 minute film.

IMF funds military dictators:

IMF shows loans as of 1996 to 21 Military dictatorship countries

IMF dictates Greece to sell assets:

MP George Petalotis, "We take orders only from the Greek People"

Is Canada funding disease, poverty and terrorism through the IMF?

Hong Kong is not a member of the IMF.

Low Personal tax.
No capital gains tax.
Public owned utilities.
No reductions in hospital beds.
Minimal-cost public health care.
Even with an ageing population, TB rates in HK remain the same for the past 10 years.

IMF policies in Canada.

1. HST  (not paid by corporations)
2. Restrict vitamins and minerals, Codex in Canada.
3. Increase in tuberculosis, TorontoNanavut.
4. Increase in personal taxe rate in 2011.
5. Decrease in corporate taxes in 2011.
6. Harper sponsors Water Privatization Conference December 2010,
7. Canadians now have US$968 million more debt to pay (IMF loan)
8. Reduce hospital beds which increase waiting times and increases health costs.
Could we not do better with less foreign manipulation? 
Canadian sovereignty attacked.
Maybe we need a non-Liberal and a non-Conservative Government. Elections?


The Codex: "no herb, vitamin or mineral should be sold for preventive or therapeutic reasons, and that supplements should be reclassified as drugs." Codex Alimentarius
Why do we need the IMF to take away our vitamins?

Films to watch:

Are the Liberal and Conservative parties different? Transparency 9:31 minutes.
Oh Canada Movie - Full Film Picasaweb
A Question of Sovereignty - a film by Kevin P. Miller
WTO, Codex, Free Trade - Part 2 - a film by Kevin P. Miller
The Economic Hitmen, 2 minute film.
Health Canada Abuse - "Regulations caused human suffering"

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