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Topic: Tooth Health and Cavities


For teeth I recommend a soft tooth brush held with the bristles only from the crowns towards the gums.  No brushing the sides of the teeth or the roots or the gums as this causes gum disease.  The idea is to brush the teeth and not the gums.  Brushing the gums and roots is destructive to them.
A cavity is caused by strep bacteria that grow under a layer of plaque that is formed in part by calcium.  We can displace the calcified plaque with baking soda.  Getting rid of the strep can be done with xylitol, ascorbic acid and acetic acid (vinegar).  Too much of these acids is just that, too much, so I recommend moderation or short term.  This could be done with a chewable C after a meal or brush with vinegar, but with a water rinse so that it doesn't stay on the teeth for too long (like during sleep).  Before bed I recommend just water.  In the day or after dinner could be the C or vinegar.   You can chew a C vitamin and brush it around the teeth for better coverage.
Leaving food in the mouth is a mistake, so after a meal chew a vitamin C or brush with even water but only the teeth.
I think that dental floss is a good idea for between the teeth.
By brushing less often and chew more vitamin C most dentists will comment on improved dental condition.

This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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