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Topic: Omega 6 Oil


Question: "The Rebound Diet says yes to hemp & sunflower seeds, but the Good Oil Bad Oil article says no to hempseed oil & sunflower oil. I assume that means the seeds are OK but not the oil for cooking? Could you please clarify?"

The Omega 6 oil content that we get from eating a seed or nut is very low compared to using the isolated oil. 
Omega 6 oils interfere with omega 3 to give us health problems of all types.  The omega 6 oils are associated with everything between diabetes and depression.  In general omega 6 oils weaken the immune system but it is enhanced by omega 3 oils.  Most deep frying is done with omega 6 oils and this is in part why it is unhealthy.

This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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