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Topic: Cholesterol


Lipid (fat) > fatty acid (COOH), Digested fat (cholesterol) is a huge topic.

Enormous information is needed to understand lipids.

1. Cholesterol, part of animals
--inside the larger HDL lipo-protein
--needed for nerves
--protects the body, prtoects the nerves, needed for memory
--foods: egg yolk, shrimp, meat, fish, butter

2. Ergosterol, part of fungi
--inside the larger LDL lipo-protein
--fungi, mold, yeast, musthroom, have no nerves
--harms the body, especially in arterial plaque
--foods: grains, grasses, mushrooms,

3. Phytosterol, part of plants
--inside the larger LDL lipo-protein
--high in brown rice, soy oil, pecans, pumpkins seads
--harms the body, especially in breast lump growths

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