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Topic: Brain Cancer



Some set up information:
His/Her blood pressure?
Lab reports on blood, are they available? Has C-Reactive Protein been tested?
Kidney panel; any irregular urea, BUN, uric acid or creatinine?

Brain cancer can be treated with hydroxyurea. This is a patented drug that becomes urea in the body. It is used to treat "in-operable" cancers of the body to include brain, throat and testicular cancers. It works. The side effects from the drug are mostly initial as we are the sickest then.

You might read about Herx. Google Herx and the short is that die off of bacteria/fungi/tumors release toxins. These toxins make our symptoms seem worse. The old saying, "no pain, no gain" is true. In Herx it is summed up; no Herx, no gain.

Because of the Herx some side effects are die-off. This is proven when a healthy person takes the drug and nothing happens. The more sick the more Herx. When the toxin's are released from dying tumors the liver and kidney work a little harder to remove them from the body but they are not harmed. The prof of this is that when the drug is continued these elevated liver and kidney markers eventually go back to normal when the disease is fixed.

Brain lesions (cancer) relates to calcium and vitamin D
. Throw away all calcium and vitamin D. If there is any of these in a multi-vitamin, throw it away. Check all the contents of what the natural path is giving.

Vitamin K3 cures cancer
but not K1 and K2. Here is a vitamin K newsletter. Because vitamin K is not owned by a pharmaceutical company the Canadian and American Governments have banned it. It can be found and works.

Another agent, natural, that works well is Piracetam. It appears to reverse the effects of aging in the brains of mice.[27][28]. The molecule is similar to a vinegar molecule but with extra oxygen. It brings oxygen to tumors and kills them.

Many viruses of the body are produced by fungi. The fungi called cordyceps tends to attack the brain with a growth. Here is a you tube film from the BBC and notice that all species have a related strain of cordyceps (mushroom) which is a fungi. It is 3 minutes long.

A mushroom makes a spore that some medical researchers call a virus. All viruses can only enter a human cell when the first destroy glutathione. This is a tri-peptide that concentrates mostly in the brain, liver, heart and skin. When low we have a headache or pain as it also gets rid of toxins. It starts to work in 15 minutes but he Internet is chock full of pages that it does not work. It works really well but be careful about the propaganda on the Internet.

The thyroid keeps the brain healthy and there are two main molecules used. One is the iodine mineral but this is banned by Health Canada and the other is calcitonin that is found in salmon and eel. Here are three articles I wrote;
Here is a short article I wrote on cancer.

One thing to keep in mind is that cancer is like a caged up tiger. If you poke it you need to be prepared to be startled with a roar and some fight back. This means that we need to be continuous with the "poking" and be prepared for some "side effects". Once we have worn out the tiger it will stop roaring and eventually die of old age long before we do. Poking too gently will never work as well as over doing it can be dangerous. It is best to bolster up our immune system and clean up out diet prior to being aggressive.

We have a diet guide called the Rebound Diet. It is in construction as version 5.

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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