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From an interview of Jill Bolte Taylor, a recovered stroke patient, by interviewer David Kupfer.
"David Kupfer:  Is it rare for stroke survivors to fully recover as you have?

Jill Bolte Taylor: Lots of people do recover; lots of people do not recover. I think that’s based on the fact that every stroke is different, every trauma is different, and the people around us are different in the way that they treat us.

I was treated as though I would recover. I was given all the tools that I needed. I was given enough sleep so that I was not exhausted and overstimulated all the time and could actually try to think again and regain ability. So I think it’s totally dependent on the environment."

- without prejudice - by Bryon Verhaeghe

This key word, overstimulated, sums up the cause and prevention of strokes. When the brain is over stimulated with glutamate from liquid and powder protein it over fires the nerves due to membrane hyperactivity based on irritated membranes. Glutamate is found in many things and overstimulates; 

1. shampoo, soap, lotion, moisturizer, wrinkle cream, day cream, night cream, hand cream, foot lotion, skin whitener, conditioner, deodorant, body soap, cosmetics, lip stick, makeup, eye creams, and others that contain: ( pure and toxic amounts )
- potassium glutamate, 
- adenosine
- Glutamic acid (E 620)
- Glutamate (E 620)
- Monosodium glutamate (E 621)
- Monopotassium glutamate (E 622)
- Calcium glutamate (E 623)
- Monoammonium glutamate (E 624)
- Magnesium glutamate (E 625)
- Natrium glutamate
- sodium glutamate

2. liquid food that contains glutamate in free-form from protein;
3. powder protein where the amino acids are available to freely float in liquid when added to water, saliva, or stomach juices; 
- soya sauce,
- soup broth, chicken broth, commercially made, sold in can, waxed box, as broth.
- instant gravy mix,
- Worcestershire sauce,
- Maggi sauce,
- clamato juice,
- diet soda pop,
- juiced or blender'ed protein,
- denatured protein,
- protein

- protein fortified
- ultra high temperature (UHT - UHT milk),
- micro-waved protein,
- milk drink, real milk, milk beverage, enriched milk, mix of processed protein -multiple words,
vs. "milk" -single word,
law specifies that "freshmilk" is the same as "milk" -label rules.
- Soy sauce
- Soy sauce extract
- Protease
- enzyme modified
- enzymes
- fermented
- Vetsin
- Ajinomoto
- Umami
- Yeast food, Yeast nutrient
- Autolyzed yeast
- Gelatin
- Textured protein
- Whey protein..................... /
- Whey protein concentrate.. /
- Whey protein isolate.......... / whey doesn't seem to be a problem as there are significant other amino acids, a complete protein, but do realize that this can add to the total glutamate load of the body and then other things actually overload us.
- Soy protein.......................
- Soy protein concentrate....
- Soy protein isolate............ / soy is a protein but the amount of glutamate is simple overload with any dose as it is not a complete protein, avoid !
- Anything “protein”
- Anything “protein fortified”
- Soy sauce
- Soy sauce extract
hydrolyzed protein
Calcium caseinate,  
- Sodium caseinate

In small amounts glutamate is not harmful. Some argue that the Chinese have eaten soy sauce for centuries. 

True, and for centuries they have used the large rectangle beds with extravagant carvings called opium beds, 
Hong Kong was built on opium trade, 
does this make opium good for us?

Today, we are overloaded with flavor enhanced foods and cosmetic products with glutamates, 
while strokes increase at alarming rates. 

"Glutamic acid and its ions [ liquid ] and salts [ powder ], called glutamates, are flavor-enhancing compounds which provide a [...] taste to food."


Web Page: excitotoxicity.
"Excitotoxicity is the [ disease ] process by which nerve cells [ and brain cells ] are damaged and killed by excessive stimulation by [...] glutamate and similar substances [ listed above ].

diseases listed: excitotoxicity.
- spinal cord injury, 
- traumatic brain injury, 
- hearing loss (through noise overexposure or ototoxicity),
- neuro degenerative diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) [memory loss]
- multiple sclerosis, 
- Alzheimer's disease, 
- amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), 
- Parkinson's disease, 
- alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal [stopping alcohol can cause more harm than the alcohol]
- benzodiazepine withdrawal, [valium, sleeping pills, again, stopping can be a problem]
- Huntington's disease, 
- hypoglycemia, [diabetes]
- status epilepticus

Now, follow this:
1. high levels of glutamate, can cause excitotoxicity
2. by allowing high levels of calcium ions to enter the cell.
3. Calcium influx into cells activates a number of enzymes [ glutamates ],
4. Vitamin D increases blood levels of calcium.
5. These enzymes [ glutamates ] go on to damage cell structures
    - cytoskeleton, the cell structure 
    - membrane, the blood membrane leaks in a stroke
    - DNA, the cells ability to re-build healthy structures is damaged and repair is inhibited.
6. The effects of glutamates and calcium overload may take years or decades to cause related diseases.

So we are told to, eat soy products, go low fat and enhance the lack of flavor with gluatmates, and take calcium supplements, hmmm, follow the money.
The hospitals and doctors need patients; the pharmacy needs to sell drugs; the government will borrow money to pay for "free" health care from the banks and pass it on to our children as national debt. 
Buyer [ consumer ] beware. Only you and your family suffer from ill-health; the corporations are happy, and include; banks, drug manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors, medical diagnostic personnel and dietitians along with all the Universities and professors that teach medicine for increased ill-health.
- not intended to diagnose nor treat anything -

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