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My adventures in biology are as enjoyable as ever as the new stuff just gets better and better. I do agree that MS is a vascular disease but that almost all diseases and health revolve around circulation.
My recent work has been back to some chemistry. The naming system is based on the tail which does give it some activity. What I am more interested in is the penetration which is a function of the base of the molecule.

An example is that amino acids are grouped but on the end are the COOH which is indicative of the carboxylic acids which also include vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vinegar (acetic acid) and exercise (lactic acid). Some of the amino acids have a benzyl ring, six carbon ring, and this tends to target the brain.and stimulate life.  These molecule rings are the basis of amphetamine (party drugs), ephedrine (wake up drugs), and the amino acid tyramine which is the basis of the thyroid hormones T4 and T3.

Other interesting ones are what Dr Burzynski uses to cure brain cancer. This therapy was patented but the FDA has exhausted him physically and financially with four major court cases and confiscation of records because he was curing brain cancer with natural molecules. Here is his movie. The more interesting part starts some 45 minutes into the film. His product is named Anti-neoplastons to include AS2-1 which is phenylacetate (acetate is a vinegar class with a benzene ring). It is the amino acid phenylalanine with NH2 removed. The body would likely scavenge this into a urea molecule. Urea is used to treat brain cancer as well and is nearly identical to amniotic fluid.  

The Antineoplaston A10 is another active component in Dr Burzynski's protocol which is a benzene ring with two oxygen molecules attached. I find a similar on but has a double ring and two oxygen elements called vitamin K3.

Vitamin K's are interesting and there is K1-plant source, K2-animal/bacteria source and K3-synthetic. The K3 is so good at killing bacteria and fungi that the FDA has banned it's use but we get lots in Asia although HK just stopped local suppliers. Vitamin K3 is highest in spinach and the old cartoon called "Popeye" was based on this. Vitamin K is from natural flora in the gut and food. We have a two to three day reserve so any diarrhea or stomach flu longer than this leaves us depleted. The body embeds it along surfaces such as the teeth, bones and arteries to the the molecule responsible for holding calcium. It is fat soluble. In the summer we eat green leafy vegetable and in the winter simmer bones in a soup to add vitamin K to our diet.  Vitamin K has been recognized as necessary for blood to clot.

The blood has many molecules contained in the plasma to quickly clot when it leaves the vascular system. The blood flow agent is sodium (Na) and as soon as it encounters a contact with the calcium that is kept away from the liquid blood with the fatty containment of vitamin K it coagulates. The German  name for coagulation is Koagulation and hence the term vitamin "K".  A vitamin K newsletter that I wrote.

This property is understood by medicine but it stops with coagulation and does not get into the need for trapping the calcium outside the artery and preventing plaque buildup. In my opinion, arterial plaque and poor circulation are due to a loss of vitamin K. This can happen in a short period to time and includes any bowel disruption from long term antibiotics or stomach sickness. The concept of eating green vegetables is in part to keep this from happening.

Vitamin K is bitter and now that I have been chewing it my dental plaque is gone. In the olden days a women would be given bitters right after all pregnancies to combat yeast overgrowth accumulated during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) due to the loss of monthly periods. The body dumps sodium and accumulates calcium to thicken the very blood rich uterine wall under the control of progesterone. If a fertilized egg is not implanted the progesterone converts to cortisol and this pulls calcium from the body and then the uterine lining thins and sheds as a menses. The holding of calcium is under the double benzyl ring. The steroid hormones have three benzyl rings to hold calcium; estrogen holds calcium in the breasts, progesterone holds calcium in the pubic bone (a females is cartilage to expand for child birth) and the progesterone > cortisol pulls calcium to kill fungi and bacteria. Men have more fungi than women which shows up as athletes foot, jock itch, knee problems, low back pain problems, sinus problems, smell problems, hearing problems, breathing problems, memory problems and shorter life span.

The fungi particularly like the Lumbar spine because the weight bearing disc joints are 99% water. This is so that they quickly flow to keep the weight dispersed evenly over the joint. The non-weight joints such as the knees elbows and wrists contain a lot more oily fluids that is more like urea. This gives a much greater range of motions but is less good at weight distribution. Some fungi use a cell wall that is nearly identical to the cartilage material and these arthritic people do not necessarily have low back pains at the same time.

Carbon dioxide is highly important to our health. Exercise releases more of it and then we are healthier. The global warming blame on carbon is all wrong. Plants breath in carbon dioxide to grow food for us. Most water filter systems are based on carbon. On the planet carbon is used to clean the air. We are carbon based animals. The real global warming is the moisture in the air; humans breathing out moisture, millions more cattle breathing and passing gas full of moisture, and all combustion processes produce moisture such as an engine and a candle. This moisture in the clouds allows fungi and bacteria to grow in the clouds so they are darker in color, make the clouds more alkaline with hydrogen to generate thunder storms and hold the clouds together like the uterine lining is held together with the very alkaline and hydrogen rich calcium.

The Chinese were facing a serious drought with very little snow pack in the mid-Western regions a few years ago. The evaporated a large quantity of iodine into the clouds and in one weekend produced and estimated 8,000 million metric tonnes of snow. For the next month the skies in HK were brilliantly blue with a loss of the dark "pollution" clouds.

When I was 12 years old the Alberta Government gave us the job of running an "anti-hail machine". We burned mercury into the clouds to kill the fungi and bacteria to produce rain instead of hail pellets that destroyed the wheat crops of Alberta and Saskatchewan. :More recently there is speculation that the American's have been using micro-fine aluminum as "chem trails" to seed the clouds and kill the fungi and bacteria. Each time they did I would have dozens of regular clients in the office with severe asthma and respiratory symptoms for the week after the cloud contents descended from the skies.

These global warming contaminates, fungi and bacteria, are and extra challenge and load on the thyroid to process iodine. The procedure of attaching iodine to the outside of a molecule is tricky. The holding of a mineral inside with steroids and vitamin K is rather easy but would not touch and kill fungi and bacteria. The benzyl ring from tryrosine is harvested and release a smaller alanine amino acid. This is process out of the body by the liver and the blood test for this is the ALT - alanine aminotransferase (also called SGPT). The body is harmed by alanine and this amino acid is transfered out at the liver by the enzyme (-ase).  Bacteria use this process to harm us and make their life more easy. The alanine to alanine bond is the  target of penicillin which breaks it and then the cell wall of the bacteria releases the cellular contents to cause sudden death. People with elevated ALT often respond well to penicillin and some are the one's that claim to have an allergy to it. No human is allergic to penicillin but with too much alanine from thyroid processing of tyrosine due to a high need for the immune function of iodine and/or the accumulation of alanine by bacteria would give a person a sudden release of toxins that are most often pushed out the skin as a rash. Some of the bacteria are also likely to be colonized in the skin for these people. Those with a higher colonization in the throat would have the swelling and respiratory shock and obstruction with penicillin. Stimulation with ephedrine helps breathing as does most of the benzyl ringed molecules.

The stimulation of cocoa, caffeine and theophylline are due to a purine like structure with a benzyl ring with a shared wall to an azole ring.  The side chains allow the stimulation time differences; 2hr, 8hr and 12hr, respectively. These purines are also good at killing fungi and bacteria and when we ingest them we kill bacteria that release toxins to give us a Herx flareup of die off to give us seemingly worse gout. I mention this because Gout and MS are mutually exclusive. If you have gout it protects people from MS.

The gout is related to kidney function. Calcium is harvested from the bones by osteoclasts under the control of the calcitonin hormone from the thyroid. This calcitonin hormone is used by the thyroid to block absorption of calcium from our food and keeping it in the bones. The holding of calcium is done with vitamin K at the bones.
When the thyroid is compromised there is disruption in calcitonin and calcium loss from the bones. In the few weeks of embryo tissue formation the thyroid begins life under the tongue. This blocks calcium from forming under the jaw and it migrates down to the trachea after the cervical spine lays down around the nerves and then blocks calcium formation around the trachea, voice box and epiglottis for flexible blockage of water and food from entering the lungs through out life.

The toxin that harms the myelin sheath is a two step process. The first is that a CO2 scavenges the toxin but a secondary toxin then needs to be scavenged by urea. The CO2 comes from metabolism and the urea comes from harvesting NH2 from amino acids and then the formation of ammonia that is bound together into a safe urea. This urea can be used to treat leathery skin from sun burn, testicular cancers, throat cancers and brain cancers.

A chain of amino acids forms a long string and it folds on itself to give it meaning. The final shape is what makes a molecule active and we have receptors for them like a lock and key. This is how insulin plugs into the cell wall and opens a gate for sugars to enter.
We have estrogen receptors to concentrate estrogen in breasts. Testosterone receptors in the prostate to concentrate calcium there and into the pubic bone.

Some high blood pressure medicines are calcium channel blockers while other are Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs). In this name the term "Angiotensin II" can be interchanged with "Vitamin D" and so we have the class also known as Vitamin D Receptor Blockers (VDRBs). These are a group of molecules that fit into the receptor (lock) to prevent the molecule (key) from plugging in and causing an action. In this case the ability to trap calcium as a stimulant to the nerve signalling the heart. A description of high blood pressure medicines by BV

A paragraph on how calcium stimulates nerves is needed here.

A bacterial colony will form a protective slime (biofilm) and to protect this biofilm it will embed Vitamin D receptors to accumulate vitamin D which holds calcium in place to form a structure that is like a chicken egg. The yolk is the bacterial colony, the white is the slime buffer and the shell is the calcium. A benign cyst has no shell but once the calcium shell is built it is fully protected from the immune system and turns malignant that we call cancer. The original meaning of cancer is to describe the shape which is crab-like as it looks much like a ginger root with a central mass and roots trying to travel outward and metastases into other tissues.

When fungi or bacteria colonize in the brain and do not try to metastasis we can develop MS, multiple scars that can form anywhere but the entire brain is highly vascular in nature. These scars can form near arteries but they tend to target the myelin sheath around the nerves. These membranes contain trapped calcium as it helps to speed up electron movement. The electrons (e-) are like the negative pole on a battery to give a supply of them. The positive pole is electron starved by being full of hydrogens (H+). A calcium is written as Ca++ because it is very hydrogen rich and does not like electrons so pushes them away like two magnetic poles that repel each other. The Ca++ along the nerves really pushes the electrons along to give us quick nerve responses. This makes the verve sheath an easy place for bacteria and fungi to harvest calcium and form protective coatings that we see with an MRI as scars.

An MRI works by exciting hydrogen out of it's normal state and the time it takes to settle down is imaged to give contrast pictures of different density tissues based on their hydrogen content. This is why the MRI has different settings to see the low dense nerves vs. other higher dense tissues. Contrast dyes are used to help image different tissues of the same hydrogen density because some tissues take up a dye more intensely  than others.

This is a story of some biology that I would like to expand and print a series of books
on how the body works

In the Topics section of the web site you can scroll down to see the beginnings of my book contents.

This section would have topics listed as:
A. Chemistry
B. Amino Acids
C. 6 carbon rings - benzene
D. 6 carbon rings in our immune system
E. Dr. Burznski's work of brain cancer
F. 6 carbon rings in vitamin K
F2. Vitamin K and calcium control
G. 6 carbon rings in steroids
H. Steroidal calcium control
I. Estrogen trapping calcium, active calcium pump (breast cancer)
J. pelvic growth to puberty, male vs. female
K. Blood flow vs. coagulation.
L. Menses, blood flow control
M. Low back pain and the genital nerves.
N. Fungi
O. Bacteria
P. Mycobacteria
Q. Black clouds.
R. Global warming and green house gasses.
S. Mercury, Aluminum, Iodine in global warming
T. The thyroid
- thyroid location
- thyroid function
- thyroid bone turnover
- thyroid iodine
- thyroid calcitonin
U. Thymus in immune function
V. Liver, in calcium control
W. Bones
X. Vitamin K in bones
Y. Bone cleaning with urea
Z. nerves and how calcium is used to speed up electrons
AA. myelin sheaths
BB. Calcium rich nerves are easy for scar plaque
CC MS and the destruction of myelin sheaths
DD untangling nerves
EE improving blood flow
FF decalcifying arteries
GG memory and navigation related to blood flow to hypocampus
HH ................

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon


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