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There are approaches to MS that work towards a cure. Here is a magazine article on the subject using minocycline. The page has many other links to MS.

More-so in men than women, a thin man might develop MS while a heavy man might develop gout; MS and gout are mutually exclusive. What I find is that people with MS have very good kidney function to lower urea, uric acid and creatinine. It is possible that a chronic bladder infection would induce this or not eating a purine rich diet which includes red meat, red wine, cheese and butter; the rich foods. A low fat diet is part of the problem and then the substitution of vegetable oils such as canola, corn and soy that destroy the immune system. The myelin sheath is highly concentrated with animal fats and animal sourced cholesterol. The phyto-estrogen's in vegetable oils destroy the nervous system. Phyto-estrogen's are plant sourced hormones that we call "bad" cholesterol. The "good" cholesterol comes from animal such as eggs and shell fish like shrimp.
Females have more MS than males and part of this is due to the body holding onto estrogen's but the plant sourced ones mess us up. Fixing a female is easier than fixing a male for two reasons. The female has a thyroid twice the size of a mans and a female has a monthly cycle of high cortisol, (mineral-cortico-steroids and gluco-cortico-steroids) just before and during the menses. This is why cortisol (prednisone) is given to MS clients. In the body prednisone is converted to cortisol which pulls calcium out of the scar tissue.
MS is the scattering of infected colonies in the brain with a thin layer of calcium for protections. This is like the shell of a chicken egg but so small there are thousands in the size of a pin head. Here is a study about the calcium and vitamin D causing lesions in the brain. Vitamin D aloneMS is a vascular disease. Heart disease and calcium deposits in arteries.
The medical system is highly driven and funded by large corporations that only make money selling drugs to sick people. This is not a conspiracy but good business to NOT cure any disease. Here is a case documentary where a licensed and practicing medical doctor in the US was attacked and destroyed by the FDA for curing brain cancers. DrBurzynski Movie.
The MS clinic in Calgary was closed due to success.
Here is a newsletter that I put together called, "The Calcium Fraud". This is not a conspiracy but just plain good business to increase sales of things to sick people. Imagine if no one was sick and what would happen to the largest 12 pharmaceutical companies. Have combined sales of $445B US per year with profits of around 120B. This employs a lot of people, stimulates world finance and pays a bit of taxes. Reducing this is not in anyone's priority especially those who rely on the stock market for pension funds. So we have an active effort to live with diseases and destroy all concepts of cure. Good business and good economics in a global sense.
In the near future it is predicted that being diabetic will be normal and not having diabetes will be abnormal. This is from the consumption of fructose which is a sugar that destroys the liver faster than alcohol. Here is an article on rapid ageing from fructose. Here is a list of the top 65 foods with fructose. Environmental Medicine from Sweden finds that touching or eating bananas significantly increases the rates of cancer in men and women. But you can imagine the blow back from people when I tell them that fructose is killing humans. People come up with every possible excuse to continue eating them and some people never come back to talk to me. It is like killing the messenger because you don't like the news. The Rebound Diet is accurate and very well researched where I am confident that a "new discovery" will not find any changes to what is listed there.

Fixing MS is difficult because pain is a good motivator and MS is gradual. The medical system is entrenched on not finding a cure. An "auto-immune" disease is a failure of the lab to diagnose the offending pathogen (bacteria or fungi) or the specimen collection process not obtaining the correct sample. As a politically correct message they are attempting to call auto-immune and hereditary diseases as "environmental". The key environmental difference is the food we eat and most often kids eat what the parents also eat.
I hope this helps. I am interested in helping but kindly understand that I am only one person and learning biology takes many years. Teaching is my passion but some lessons are confusing and difficult. The Google information is extremely confusing and I find that I am swimming against the tide.

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon


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