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Yemen - Five Year Poverty Reduction Plan, 2000


REPUBLIC OF YEMEN - The Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, 2000. (26 pgs)
Yemen will remain unable to finance antipoverty programs and request generous donations and soft credit from the IMF and the World Bank (pg14). The conditions by the IMF and WB are specific (pg11).
1. Save some of the oil price windfall gain (pg16),
2. Increase Tax Base (pg16)
3. Implement 10% GST [note: GST is only paid by domestic consumers],
4 Implement Investment Tax Exemptions,
5. Set up a large tax payer unit to collect taxes, 
6. Sell 51% of the government's share of NBY (pg17),
7. Liquidate Industrial Bank.
8. Join WTO [follow their rules and regulations that benefit foreign entities],
9. Remove import restrictions (pg19)
10. Remove regulatory obstacles for trade [polution / environment]
11. Retrain judiciary on commercial and business law based on World Bank criteria. (pg19),
12. Privatize/Liquidate 31 enterprises in three years (pg20),
Completed 2001 when poverty was 19%.
So what happened to poverty? Graph 2001-2009. Poverty went up to 45% over five years.
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