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Cancer causing cooking oil contaminants


46 of 60 oils tested contained cancer causing molecules in Hong Kong.
Cancer, kidney disease, and male infertility were the main risk factors.
-- Second Problem --
Most of the oils did not contain the major amount of the type of oil listed on the label.
Examples: Peanut oil was mostly other oils. Olive oil was mostly other oils.
Label cheating was common.
"Labels on the front displayed a certain type of ingredient in large and bold font. But on the ingredients label, a different ingredient was the dominant one in the bottle."
The council tested oils including peanut, corn, canola, extra virgin olive, olive, sunflower, and blended oils. 
-- Taiwan 'Gutter Oil', similar problem in 2014
Where is the World Trade Organization, United Nations on human health?
Did you eat in a restaurant? Why are so many people getting Cancer?
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