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A food cocktail for Alzheimer's disease


A food cocktail  to fix Alzheimer's in six months on a study of mice. This consists of 1) Curcumin (turmeric/curry), 2) piperine (black pepper), 3) epigallocatechin gallate (vitamin K - also low in Autism), 4) alpha lipoic acid (ATP Energy), 5) L-cysteine /  glutathione ( N-acetylcysteine - NAC hardly works ) (), 6) B complex (ATP Energy), 7)Vitamin C, and 8) folate. This cocktail "improved to normal" a mouse model of Alzheimer's in six months of diet changes. From the University of California Irvine.

Another medical study found the B-vitamin niacin (B3) to protect from Alzheimer's Disease. Niacin - Alzheimer's  
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