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Sun sorting LDL from HDL Cholesterol


There is both good and bad cholesterol.
LDL is bad; HDL is good.
These are a lipid, a fat, an oils. Many are in our diet.
They are digested together, circulate in the blood together.
Some NEED to be removed from the body.
This is how it is done naturally.

1. Strong UV energy from the sun smashes up the bad LDL ergosterol into the very bad vitamin D, yes, vitamin D is toxic, look up rat poison to see that vitamin D causes "premature heart attacks" [BC Cancer Agancy].

2. Then the smashed up bad LDL into the very bad vitamin D can be eliminated form the body, but to do this it is first 'collected' by the liver, NOT 'made in the liver' as we are told.

Why?   Vitamin D causes "irreversible calcification of soft tissue".
This calcification can be reversed so long as it is before we become stone like.
Calcium is like cement, to the brain, brain lesions in dementia
Full Screen - Sorting Cholesterol

Full Screen - Cholesterol to steroid path

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