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An article appeared in THE HINDU newspaper under Heatlh > Medicine and Research titled, "Whtie rice intake increases risk of Type II diabetes"
Here is my response.
This is criminal. White rice is just that. Brown rice is just that. But   polished rice  is something else. When rice is polished most all nutrients are removed and the price goes way up so few people actually get polished rice.

White rice is the best rice
Brown rice is good
Polished rice is like refined sugar and would certainly lead to diabetes.

Yes, " Polished rice is commonly called white rice " but this like commonly calling a SUV a car. Same but different. So does the car or the SUV use more gas and increase pollution. So I can write a report any way you like. "Cars" cause the most pollution when my study was only on SUV's. Or "Cars" reduce pollution. Which "car" am I talking about?

Hitler had a very easy time convincing the public that what he was doing was good with articles like this.

The damage to the public is done with the title. A very well put together article to miss-lead the public.

In the comments:

I am 79 and for the last more than 30 years I am taking white rice i.e.Basmati. Every year my blood is checked and till now no sugar is detected. Before that we were using only boiled rice but when good quality brown rice was not available in the market we switched to white rice. I have stayed in Calcutta, UP, Bihar, Orissa, Mumbai and Chandigarh. When I was a boy we were using only home kaikuthak arisi.

from:  Mani Iyer
Posted on: Mar 16, 2012 at 09:46 IST

And, in the article they do state the truth, "polishing removes most of the nutrients"
From Wiki:Rice, "Either by hand or in a rice polisher, white rice may be buffed with glucose or talc powder (often called polished rice, though this term may also refer to white rice in general)
Despite the hypothetical health risks of talc (such as stomach cancer),[10] talc-coated rice remains the norm in some countries due to its attractive shiny appearance, but it has been banned in some, and is no longer widely used in others (such as the United States). Even where talc is not used, glucose, starch, or other coatings may be used to improve the appearance of the grains."

Then in the article they go on to re-iterate a false, "Unlike brown rice, polished rice has a high glycaemic index (an indicator of glucose-raising effect of a food) and is a major contributor of dietary glycaemic load."
When the University of Florida suggests that the glycemic index is not accurate in measuring the potential of diabetic onset, "

There are three common simple sugars that are highly involved in human life:
Galactose: a milk sugar
Fructose: a fruit sugar
Glucose: a sticky sugar, it sticks to the liver proteins and is release slowly over time so that we stay alive during periods of not eating. It is so important to our body that it was named "the-right-sugar" by using the Latin meaning of right "dexter" and sugar "ose" to create the name of glucose to also include dextrose. These are the same molecule.

When two glucoses bind together it is called a simple starch. From simple biology how could any real nutritionist or scientist state that starch is unhealthy unless they learned it from popular miss-conceptions. There is no way possible that starch is bad for us and a variety of foods is how we have learned to eat. A whole meal with some of many things. Eating noting but starch is not good, eating nothing but meat is not good, eating noting but bread is not good; we need a variety and this is why we have curry with potato and carrots, a mixture of foods.

For all of this good propaganda the pharmaceutical companies have it organized that for all the people born from 2003 and onwards it will become NORMAL to be diabetic. This article is part of the propaganda campaign to achieve this.  The Minister of Health is a paid employee of the corporate profit machine that bows to public opinion. The propaganda machine will make the public want less white rice and be diabetic.

What more can I say.

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