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Topic: Salt


You might notice that they are now mentioning sodium instead of salt because the sodium is from MSG and sodium - chloride is the good salt, mono - sodium - glutamate turns the brain to mush.
MSG is 30% cheaper than salt so the companies are cutting the table-salt to reduce their cost and make more profit they way they would cut cocaine.
So far I find that MSG is only fine so that the little bit coarse sea salt cannot be cut.  Having it iodized improves our health or eating more foods from the ocean. 
The word "table salt" is different than salt so it is a mix of things.  Same way that "sea salt" is a mix of things to include minerals such as magnesium that we need.
The best is to use some of  the trace mineral drops for the "sea" minerals and "sea salt" for the sodium-chloride.
Sodium chloride reduces blood pressure, reduces heart disease and extends life while improving health.  The brain (central nervous system), bone marrow, skin and blood rely on sodium-chloride to be healthy.  Sodium-glutamate destroys these tissues and is found in all sauces or packaged condiments such as mustard, soy sauce, seasoning salt, pepper-salt, steak spice, shrimp sauce, oxo cubes, xo sauce, all baked goods, packaged meats, and all things that say "natural flavor" or flavor enhancer.  This is what I call "Tasty and Tender" syndrome and they are starting to use these terms on products to indicate MSG.  When you see the labels that say "no MSG added" means that it is mostly "natural MSG" that will be called "hydrolyzed soy protein", "hydrolyzed vegetable protein", or "soy protein".  These are pure MSG products along with the code E621 that is used on baked goods labels to hide the MSG.  When we take MSG we have rapid weight gain that includes rapid growth of cancer cells, severe anger and the inability to sleep where we are tired all the time and cannot focus our brain.  Some have joint pain and headache as well as it eats the brain the same way it tenderizes meat.  Tasty and tender, tasty for the bacteria and mush brain like mad cow disease where we cannot remember anything.

This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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