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Looking through Rett Syndrome they find that a receptor protein called MeCP2 is missing in the nerves.  This also signals other proteins to be made throughout life.  If MeCP2 goes down at any age, male or female, the brain degenerates but it seems to focus in females at around the 18th day of gestation to be the leading cause of retardation in young females.
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What seems common is that a MeCP2 is activated and then stops an enzyme that destroys histone complex.  The histone is based on histamine and is released by niacin.  In medical study they find that niacin will repair broken DNA and is especially repairative in schizophrenic patients.
It is interesting that the MeCP2 defect is also found in many diseases ranging from autism to lupus that affects the whole body and can involve arthritis.
Then the Sloan Kettering Institue discovered a related protein that was named after their initials, SKI protein, that is very rich in cysteine and histidine amino acids.  These give rise to the zinc finger motif, a basic amino acid region, and leucine zipper.  Cysteine is a sulphur to be the active part of glutathione.  Histidine is the amino acid that is blocked by anti-histamines and released by niacin.  The zinc is used to combat copper levels and we use zinc in things like ulcer repair and skin disorders, penetin cream for baby butts.  The zinc is transported by glutathione.  High copper is found in yeast infections that can give rise to cradle cap, head yeast, and diaper rash.  These yeasts are stimulated by estriadol similar to estrogen and combatted by testosterone so this would give reason that females have more of this sort of problem.

Pre-natal vitamins should include niacin but they all have niacinamide that increases ammonia.  Any increase in ammonia is hard on nerve cells and livers.
Re-growth of nerve cells is best acheived with IGF-1 and testosterone.  These are made from arginine, amino acid rich in nitrogen similar to histine, and animal cholesterol, the good HDL, found highly in shrimp and eggs.  Shell fish contain significant amounts of histadine, niacin and arginine which might account for the sudden burst of immune function to give some people anphalactic shock.  I just had a look at Mussels and Peanuts.  They both have very significant amounts of niacin, arginine and histidine.  These seriously boost the immune system but for those who are sick it is too much and they think that they are allergic.

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Bryon Verheaghe

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