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Topic: Prednisone


Background:  This person had platletes fall to below 20 which is so low that survival becomes and issue.  Her doctor precribed 40 mg prednisone per day and the platletes improved significantly.  She has medicines for diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressurel.  Many high blood pressure medicines block calcium.

Question, "how can we help her situation".
Prednisolone has a few medical names.  It pulls minerals out of the body and in particular calcium.  This calcium is the protective coat that bacteria use to protect themselves the same as a clam shell protects a clam.
Reduce calcium rich foods such as all low fat dairy.  Consume butter.
Take NO cod liver oil or halibut liver oil as the vitamin D increases calcium
Take Salmon oil capsules with EVERY meal, two caps is best.
Eat potatoes, baked, boiled, but not fried in any oil.
Stop all vegetable oils, corn oil, canola oil, etc.
Eat eggs with runny yolks EVERYDAY
Drink coffee three times a day, instant, brewed, espresso, any type with or without cream and sugar.
At London Drugs (Canada) you can find some Xylitol sugar which is good for diabetics, use as much as she likes, stop table sugar.
At the grocery store there will be some Dare Brand Gummy Bears, if the first ingredient is glucose buy them and eat 2-4 every six hours, blood sugar will drop.  A diabetic is overloaded in the toxic fructose and is starved of the good sugar glucose (dextrose).  Table sugar is 50/50, and maple syrup is 33/66 (better), glucose is 0/100 (best).

  This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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