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Topic : Nerve problems - numbness


No need to finish cipro. If you have glutathione takes extra, spread out through the day, with or without food, two caps at one time is enough, this is THE molecule that protects our nerves.

They will regenerate with the hormone testosterone best for this that comes from animal source cholesterol. If you were to eat a couple of eggs for breakfast and have an egg snack again in the day such as potato salad, hard boiled egg separate or in soup, tomato sauce, with some salmon, etc.

Nerves have a number of "layers" such as light touch, deep touch, hair sensory, fine needle or pin prick, and the deepest is temperature sensations. If you can sense warm or cool the nerve is still in fairly good shape. A bundle of nerves work together and it takes 50 per cent of the bundle to be impacted before we notice any change.

Circulation is important so not moving for long periods is not good. Pumping blood is best with the heart first and the large thigh muscle. A few squats pumps blood to the feet more than the heart. All muscles pump blood, they all have arteries with one way valves and coffee stimulates this. A cup in the morning and then again for the ten o’clock and two o’clock coffee break is ideal, three minimum and you can enjoy as much as you like. When we drink any diuretic, coffee or alcohol, we need to keep from peeing too much fluids and this is done with salt, sodium chloride as they give you IV in the hospital. The bad salt is sodium glutamate as found in soy sauce and fish sauce and "table salt". This is why people are going to a coarse sea salt, MSG is one third less expensive so the salt producers are "cutting" their products to be price competitive. MSG cannot be made coarse and is always fine. So the "fine table salt" is a problem which gives "salt" a bad name.

The bone marrow, skin, eye and central nervous system (nerves) are kept healthy and alive with sodium chloride. Next to this they are protected by urea. The amniotic fluid that a baby is grown in is almost identical to urea. People who develop nerve damage are usually low in urea as this scavenges the toxin that causes nerve damage. Urea comes from a high nitrogen diet of protein and again one of the best sources is eggs. Other good sources are the nuts such as almonds and walnuts.

Fifty percent of the blood red pigments are made from lycopene. Watermelon is the highest but none of this is absorbed because lycopene must be heat bound to a lipid or protein to be absorbed. This happens when heated with the fat and proteins binding the lycopene when we stew tomatoes with some butter, beef or chicken. A fresh tomato is picked before it is ripened and has little lycopene. The fully ripened tomatoes in the field are too fragile to ship and so are put into cans. This also avoids pesticide sprays. I am using tomatoes canned from Italy that we simmer for two hours at home with NO tomato paste, some onion, oregano, basil and a glob of butter. I use it on home made bread toasted with a sprinkle of cheese for a pizza like meal or on eggs, rice, rice noodles, baked potato or in a bowl like a thick soup, salt and pepper to taste. This heat treated lycopene affords Italian men living in Italy the lowest rate of prostate cancer in the world. It seems that the lycopene is much less active in the ovaries so men are most often mentioned in the studies. When it comes to circulation improvements or lung and liver cancer both men and women benefit the same from lycopene. The nerves are highly linked to the blood system.

This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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