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Topic: Myotonic Dystrophy


Question: "I have a condition called myotonic dystrophy (a form of muscular dystrophy) with symptoms that are associated with this disease such as; numbness and weakness. What should I do?"

These numbness of the long nerves to the foot and hand happen when they have calcium deposits.  You would do well to avoid dairy, low fat dairy, and all calcium supplements.  This is the problem with even a multi-vitamin.

The way to de-calcify the nerves is to use salmon oil with every meal which keeps calcium in bones but out of soft tissue.  The hormone that if found only in salmon (not fish oil) and eel is made in the thyroid cells called calcitonin. 

Circulation to the nerves is most of the problem and the arteries are fixed to muscles.  It is a good idea to NOT stretch muscles when they are cold.  You should ONLY stretch after you exercise that muscle.  One thing that I like is the Bikram Hot Yoga where circulation and tissue warming is done before the stretch.

The recent news is that vitamin K helps with decalcifying arteries.  It is absorbed only from a fat or protein molecule so take one K with each dose of salmon oil.  The K1, K2 hype is just that, a lot of hot air, buy whatever you can find and there is no overdose possible.

The salmon oil will help in about a week but the vitamin K can take three weeks.  Adding MSM to the mix with each meal will allow your body to rebuild better arteries and veins.  Find one in capsule form not as a tablet, as the tablets are modified in the pressing technique used to make them and not usable.

Do not take glucosamine, calcium, or vitamin D. 

This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon

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