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Long Life

By Bryon Verhaege
November 2003

Every breath we take challenges our immune system. Air born dust, viruses, bacteria and yeast relentlessly try to grow in the comfort of our body. Never do we get a break. Sometimes we are overwhelmed. Later in life the problems seem to compromise us until we die.

The time of death and the quality of life are controllable. The newer research shows that we don’t live to the full potential of our life span. Some studies indicate that a life of 140 years is very possible. Many people tell me that they wouldn’t want to live that long because of old age diseases. Once we understand that diseases are preventable and curable a new calm may develop. Why be in a rush to earn enough money for retirement if you had an extra 30 years and were fully functional in old age.

In a nutshell, old age happens because of an overwhelmed and compromised immune system. All it takes is the realization that the immune system gets its vigor and energy from our food. Some foods benefit and some foods harm the immune system.

Life comes from the seed and this is some of the best food for us. The food plants eat after germination is not necessarily the best for our immune system and long life. Most all seeds are good for us. One study shows that hemp seeds are part of the diet of the longest living people. As I study the components of the proteins (Amino Acid), there seems to be a fairly consistent trend. The seeds have some of the highest Arginine content of any food. One of the anti aging supplements currently talked about is the growth hormone, which is dependent on arginine.

The thing to realize is that these seeds must survive until the next growth season without any disease if the plant species is to survive. The more densely packed arginine is the more is the ability to survive. When we eat watermelon we spit out the seed and eat the sugar. We also don’t eat the seeds of the apple or orange or peach. These foods are of very little value to long life. In fact they are the favorite foods of yeast, which destroy our bodies, and cause us to age more quickly.

I guess what I am saying is that eliminating the foods that have little value to the immune system is the key to long life and also to the prevention and cure of disease. Yeast infections are long-term problems that shorten life span. New studies find that men’s prostates are the carrier of yeast and from this woman get yeast infections when they become sexually active. This is because testosterone keeps yeast quiet, but once inside the women, estrogen causes them to bloom. Yeast is stimulated by estrogen and love to eat fruit (fructose) and grains.

The fruit becomes wine and the grain becomes beer. If we have yeast, which is very common, we have related mood swings, happy for a while and then sad for a while, and all the while eating fruit and grains. Usually we crave comfort foods like bananas and bread. Some of us become manic-depressive, the mania of drunkenness and depression of a hangover. For some it is serious PMS (post menstrual syndrome) where a woman has difficult cycles. Men usually have slower cycles that may span seasons, like the winter blues.

Other negative foods exist. A molecule (amino acid) named Lysine is trouble for arginine. So the seeds pack in arginine and have little lysine. When life begins the new being is often fed foods that are high in lysine or sugar to stimulate insulin and the rapid weight gain associated. This is a mechanism to jump start fatty growth. These foods include the fleshy part of fruit and also of mothers’ milk (whey). The system of reproduction keeps the body as compact as possible for birth then for the first period of life a food like that quickly puts on weight, at the expense of the immune system.

During this time the immune support comes in the milk, until it is pasteurized (cooked), then the immune support is gone. The high lysine content actually inhibits the immune system. This is why milk is for children and not for adults. Milk is related to bad immune function. Last month a released study related cheese to prostate cancer. In many other studies milk is related to all cancers and specifically breast cancer. Personally I wouldn’t go so far as to say that milk causes cancer but I would say that milk weakens the immune system and promotes old age.

Other negative foods are the ones that contain gluten. This is the glue like substance that holds things together like cement. Remember paper-mache made with flour? Just like cement. It also does the same in the body, sticks to everything, including the belly and thighs. In the blood the red blood cells clump together and function poorly. This is really not good for hearing when it gets into the sensory parts of the ears. Some old people are known to have good hearing; some go deaf due to weak immune function.

Well there goes breakfast, the most important meal of the day, milk, cereal and fruit, what will I eat? Eggs? Potatoes are the seed of the plant, as are carrots and peas. Rice is the seed of the plant and has no gluten, therefore white rice or rice noodles are better than wheat.

What we need to realize is that no one will look after our health as well as we can ourselves. Also realize that our immune system will heal and repair most everything and that our immune system comes from foods. The immune system does not get energy from dairy, fruit and gluten grains, period. Long life without disease is possible with a diet free of negative foods. Calcium also cements soft tissues of the body, causing pain and disease in old age.

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