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Topic: L4-L5



C: Cervical (neck), C1 - C6
T: Thoracic (rib area), T1 - T12
L: Lumbar (lower back), L1 - L5
S: Sacral (tail bone), S1 - S4

The tail bone (S1-S4) are where the nerves exit the spine to the genitals. Because these do not carry weight they have very little disc spaces. The entire upper body weight is on the Lumbar spine and therefor has robust discs for weight and cushion. The spinal discs contain 99% water. This allows the disc to keep contact and distribute the weight over the entire joint even when we bend or change positions while carrying heavy cargo. The lower lumbar spine has the largest discs in the body. This water resource is a prize for fungi and bacteria. When they colonize the disc it becomes desiccated:
des·ic·cate    (ds-kt)
v. des·ic·cat·eddes·ic·cat·ingdes·ic·cates
1. To dry out thoroughly.
2. To preserve (foods) by removing the moisture. See Synonyms at dry.
3. To make dry, dull, or lifeless.

When the disc thoroughly drys out is shrinks to narrow the space. This changes the structural ties on the tendons and the joint become destabilized and painful. With the loss of moisture the wieght is not evenly distrubuted on the joints and the joint degenerates.  

Arthrosis means, "a condition of the joint" and is not specific.

Re-hydrating the joint requires the removal of the offending pathogen. In my opinion surgery never really fixes the problem.

Very often a jock itch yeast or vaginal yeast can travel the nerve fibers to the Sacral spine but there is little water here so they continue to the larger lumbar discs for water. It would be an idea to review all uro-genital history and/or blood work to see if a fungal or bacterial process could be isolated. A C-Reactive Protein blood test would also help.

The water based supplement items would be a good start:
Salt, sodium chloride (not MSG: sodium glutamate)
curcumin / tumeric / curry
traceminerals (Concentrated sea water)
And antibiotics

Also a diet change, see Rebound Diet

See also: Topic: Low Back Pain and Lumbar Discs 

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon


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