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Topic: Fructose in Nature


The longer something lives the better the immune system needs to be unless we live in a sterile envirnment free from toxins and parasites.  There are many more of these toxins and parasites found in soils as compared to the air.  Plants that live in soil must have a strong immune system or a very short life span.  

A short life span living removed from the soil requires much less attention to the immune system.  If the seed of life is in the soil it requires a strong immune complement as comared to the seeds kept high in a tree.  When the immune system is weak there is rapid degeneration and decompostion as we see when the apple hits the ground.  It must begin growing immediately or die.

In the case of tubers and plants that grow in the hostile soil there are enhanced protective systems where pigments are a critical component.  In humans we use the staining pigments for the thyroid to shield us from all things that enter the body.  This is also found in the red blood because it must come in contact with parasites that enter with the food.

The reproduction of a soil based plant also requires the seed to have immune protections.  We see this with the longer lasting vegetables like the carrot and potato.
Developed life forms have digestive systems and can distribute nutrients through a circulatory system. New life such as an egg and sperm do not have digestive systems and thus are necessarily exposed to the simple sugar fructose.  The concentration of fructose in these tissues over enough time allows parasitic growths that we know as ovarian, breast and prostate cancer growths.  To combat this we have regular shedding of eggs and sperm.  There is a 6% reduction in prostate disease in men who ejaculate frequently.  Once a woman stops menses there is a significant reduction in health over a short period of time.
Calcium is a strong threat to life and if it enters a cell there is death.  This calcium is a deterrent to life like an antibiotic.  An exoskeleton is an effective shield but limits fat storage and movement.  Our central nervous system and bone marrow are protected by the life killing calcium in bones.  The immune effect of calcium allows our bones to remain intact long after we are gone.
Glucose can be stored as fat so tissues inside bony material cannot store fat such as the brain and the honey bee.  The honey bee has little nervous tissue and any fat stores would press on the heart so it feeds on a high fructose diet continuously.
A simple fungi or bacteria does not have a digestive system and needs decayed material or fructose.  Concentrated fructose is easy prey by opportunistic and parasitic organisms.  When life ends it often accumulates into the soils where vast amounts of fungi and bacteria life.  If a plant is growing and generating new life in soil it must have serious immune defenses from parasitic feeding.  Life above the soils has more freedom from infections but extended life allows for internal decay.
Trees have little digestive ability and in reproduction there is an even greater need for fructose.  If the seedling is to grow before the cold winter the fruit must decay very fast and any sustainable immune mechanism would hamper this process.  In the case of the potato or carrot there must be incredible immune mechanisms to wait for survival to the next growing season while living in the hostile decay of soil.  Mammals have internalized reproduction to avoid such a difficult environment but these reproductive structures are often overwhelmed by infective disease.
The sun provides parasitic killing by UV rays.  From this we have developed UV as a signal to stimulate production of hormones to affect us seasonally.  One of the hormones to peak at the end of summer is testosterone.  This seasonal spike also stimulates fertility and libido for us to deliver newborns in the spring.  Then the baby has a the less harsh summer to grow in and plentiful nutrients to eat.  When the sun's UV a less we have a higher internal growth of fungi that relates to depression.  This is known as SAD or Seasonally Adjusted Depression or the winter blues.
Eating high fructose foods in the summer sun is less dangerous than eating fruit year round.  Our ancestors did this until we developed refrigeration, storage techniques and motorized transportation.  In modern times we have fruit year round and this sugar is plaguing us with depression, fatigue, obesity, diabetes and cancer.  To make things worse we are reminded everyday to eat fruit and are  convinced it is healthy.  While binging on fruit we spend more on health care and drugs without thinking why or how our diets are destroying us.
The rate of increase in diabetes and cancer is at an epidemic level.  The survival rate of cancer has not changed in a hundred years.  The claim of improved cancer survival rates is only due to earlier detection and this is why we are being so encouraged to have mammograms and proctoscopic examinations more often and at an earlier age.
Regardless of the dose humans are harmed by fructose.  With the level of brain washing the big corporations have done and continue to do we will continue to ignore biological science. The profit motive is strong and the Internet media is cheap and effective.  The history of the Wikipedia page on fructose is rife with battles.  At one point the page was locked from editing until everyone cooled down.  The health effects section has only survived by being put way down at the bottom.  Getting honey in the first paragraph was difficult.
Cells are constantly dieing and replaced.  Fructose reduces cells in the hyppocampus from regenerating by 40%.  Fructose impairs the memeory.  In general the central nervous system has no defenses from ill effects of fructose.  If the nerve cells were able to store fructose the fatty tissue would expand to occlude arterial blood flow because of the exoskeleton and we would die.  I believe there is a relationship between fructose in the diet and demyelinating diseases.
To make fructose foods safe we use friendly yeast to consume fructose in the fermentation process.  This makes bread healthy but to save time and money it is faster to make cookies, cake and muffins.  Fermentation makes foods more healthy until we distill out the nutritional components.  There is more to our diet than just the foods we choose.  How we store, ship and prepare them affects our life and health.  We believe that a raw apple is healthy and apple pie is not-healthy when the exact opposite is true.  The apple always makes us sick with metabolic syndrome while the apple pie can reverse this illness because it is cooked, combined with the spice cinnamon and contains animal fat.
I am working on an article and newsletter on the health aspects of cinnamon.  How we combine foods is critically important to nutrition and health.

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