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Topic: DHEA


The question: Should I take DHEA supplements?

DHEA stands for DeHydroEpiAndrostenidione and here is a flow chart. From cholesterol it becomes DHEA in two steps. The most cholesterol in our body is in the brain and low levels are related to dementia and also low intelligence. As we age this cholesterol is lost and the first signs are difficulty remembering long term event. The short term memory and name recall is an upper sinus issue and separate.

Steroid hormones include vitamin D, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen and cortisol. The first four are related to overload of calcium, disease and finally cancer. The last one removes excess calcium from the body and is given to people with "auto-immune diseases" in the form of prednisone. Lowering calcium improves our health.

Hormones are a messenger system and very important to things like our waking up and sleeping well. Cortisol is highest between 4AM and 8AM to prevent heart attacks which are related to high calcium.
If we take DHEA the messenger system becomes confused and overloaded so that the body responds by lowering the use of cholesterol which also lowers progesterone > cortisol. See flow chart.
Some studies that I did not keep find that people who take DHEA do not live as long as those who do not.

My suggestion is to eat eggs everyday. Here is a study that finds women who eat three eggs per day do not increase the BAD cholesterol.

PS DHEA is highly illegal and expensive.

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