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Topic: Cancer and pH


Cancer, pH and Baking Soda
by Bryon Verhaeghe
Q: does sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) cure cancer by alkalizing the body?
A longish tail of my thinking but condensed. Cancer is an infection in my opinion. A human's closest DNA relative is fungi and much closer than a primate. This makes it very hard for our immune system to decide what is foreign and what is our own cells. The fungi is like human in that it requires cholesterol in the membranes of the cells but humans use the good HDL cholesterol while the fungi uses the bad LDL. The good cholesterol comes from animal source and the bad from plant. This is because a human has animal like muscles and nerves while a fungi has none. A fungi is like a plant in that when a leaf is damaged it can only fix the problem by growing new leaves. This is why cancer goes wild when harmed by things like surgery. A human has controllable growth with the aid of insulin where we can grow new tissues when damaged such as a broken bone or broken skin. These growth hormones stimulate the lazy fungi. Estrogen grows breasts and at the same time stimulates the growth of fungi to cause breast cancer. Testosterone stimulates the growth of muscles and hair and so stimulated fungi in the prostate. The structure of lungs, breast and prostates are similar in that they look like clusters of grapes. The stem like tubes are good places for fungi to attach and grow so we have high rates of cancers in these tissues. The fungi is also a mole and to fight them to stop growing the body uses pigments to stain them. This is why grass stains, carrots stain, blueberries stain, red wine stains, tomato sauce stains and blood stains; to stop fungi from growing. Plants fight fungi as much as humans and mostly in soil areas. This makes the plants that grow in the soil especially good at fighting fungi such as onions, potatoes and other tubers like tumeric (curcumin-curry). Also fungi are inhibited with animal fats such as butter and chicken skin or fish oils. A fungi uses a thin layer of calcium to protect itself from the immune systems of plants and animals. This can be seen with things like fibro-myalgia and arthritis where the calcium grit causes severe pain. The fungi grows into a tumor like a chicken egg but in different thicknesses. The yolk would be the fungi, the white the slim protective coating and the shell the final shield. Once the shield is in place the growth is called malignant (cancer) and before it would be called things like a cyst, sarcoid or sclerosis. Some times the calcium shell is left but the fungi have died such as an empty shell but still causes pain or numbness. The regulation of new infections entering the body through food, water and air is controlled by the thyroid. It contains the staining iodine and the hormone called calcitonin that moves calcium from soft tissue to the bones but first takes the calcium to the kidneys to be washed in urea. New life is bathed in urea that we call amniotic fluid which breaks just before birth. Bone problems such as osteoporosis relate to weak thyroid function or chronic bladder / kidney infections where the calcium is not moved or washed in healthy urea. People with low levels of urea are pre-disposed to developing MS (multiple sclerosis). This is a condition of multiple calcifications through the brain when the protective urea levels are low in the body. The blood test for this is the BUN (blood-urea-nitrogen). The test for good kidney function is creatinine and when low we have muscle wasting due to low levels of creatine that increases insulin-like growth factors in the body and protect the tissues from infections. The story is extensive and would take a full text book. The bottom line is that calcium is highly alkaline and needed for cancer to grow. The body fights infections with acids such as the strong stomach acids. Raw food contains the highest levels of bacteria and overworks the thyroid and stomach to often fail with growths in the gall bladder that we see as gall stones which is secondary to a weak thyroid. Cooking water kills all buts, cooking food kills all bugs, and eating raw food weakens the immune system. Once an infection has survived past the cooking, iodine and stomach acids and grows inside the body it is like the bugs are living in a five star hotel and very difficult to kill. Using radiation kills our body and the fungi grows even better on the dead tissues. Chemotherapy cannot be sustained long enough to kill the slow growing fungi and they always come back with a vengeance. The best cancer therapies include immune support and pigments such as stewed tomatoes in animal fat, acids such as vinegar and circulation enhancement with things like coffee, yoga and thyroid supplements.

 This is not intended to make any claim nor is it intended to be a diagnosis.  It is my opinion. -- Bryon


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